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NEW Non-stop Flights to Tulum, Mexico
NEW Non-stop Flights to Tulum, Mexico

Getting to Tulum is getting easier !

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Updated 30 Nov 2023

First it was Delta Air Lines. Then came the low-cost Spirit Airlines, followed by plans for three new flights on United Airlines. Now, it’s American Airlines’ turn.

Tulum, located in the Mayan Riviera of Mexico, is about to open its first-ever international airport and has already attracted routes from major international carriers.

Beginning on the 28 March 2024, American Airlines will be starting off with three non-stop routes to Tulum: Charlotte, Dallas-Fort Worth and Miami, USA.

The Miami and Charlotte AA flights will be operating daily, while Dallas-Fort Worth-Tulum service will be running twice daily.

All of the routes will be operating year round to Tulum where we have a great range of villas for all tastes and budgets.

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Maya treasure and the perfect beaches

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