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Travel Agent On-Boarding Guide
Travel Agent On-Boarding Guide

Discover the benefits and unique capabilities of being a registered Travel Partner

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Congratulations on being approved as a travel partner with Isle Blue! Your partnership is greatly appreciated. Isle Blue is thrilled to introduce you to our distinctive travel agent portal, which enables you to effortlessly present vacation home concepts to your clients. Through this portal, you can efficiently monitor leads and conveniently reserve properties online.

Furthermore, both you and your clients will reap the rewards of our loyalty points program, unlocking additional benefits for future bookings.

Here is a brief guide on how to leverage Isle Blue's exceptional tools to transform potential clients into lifelong patrons.

Step 1- Login

Be sure to login with your email and password. Once logged in, you will have access to unique capabilities.

Step 2- How to send a list of search results to a client.

When conducting a search, the search results page will showcase two distinct tools. To identify properties that might pique your client's interest, simply click on "Select for client review."

Our top-performing villas have received ratings as either "Top Pick" or "Highly Recommended" villas, providing you with a high level of confidence in recommending them to your clients.

After you have made your selections, kindly proceed to click on "Send List."

A pop-up box will emerge, displaying the properties you have chosen. From there, you can send these options to your client by including their email address and name, along with a personalized message.

After composing your message, simply click on the "Send List" button. An email will be sent to both you and your client, featuring the selected properties and a dedicated link back to the website, where all the chosen properties can be viewed. Here is an example of the email:

Step 3- How to Share a villa with a client

When you visit the dedicated villa page, you will notice a "Share Villa" button. By clicking on this button, a pop-up message box will appear, enabling you to share the villa with your client, accompanied by a personalized message. If you input the dates and the number of bedrooms, a quote will be generated, showing both the rental cost and your commission amount. It's important to note that the commission amount is not disclosed to the client.

A copy of the email will be sent to you and the client

Step 4- Booking a property online

To initiate a reservation on a villa page, simply click on "Reserve," and it will open a reservation form for you to provide the necessary information for the Head Guest. If you prefer the client to make the payment directly to our company, please input their email address. Subsequently, we will secure the property and send both you and the client an email confirmation containing all the essential instructions to confirm the reservation.

Step 5- Tracking Leads

Agents have the capability to monitor leads and commissions, all while efficiently managing their activities on the website.

Step 5- Tracking Upcoming Stays

After booking a property, you can easily keep track of trip details by clicking on "Upcoming Stays."

You will be able to view all the booked trips.

To access the specifics of the upcoming trip, simply click on a reservation, and the details will be displayed.

Sep 6- Earn Reward points

Upon successfully booking their reservations, both the agent and the client will earn 1 point for each dollar spent. These accrued points can be redeemed at a later date and applied towards various concierge options, including spa services, excursions, charters, rental cars, property bookings, and more. Furthermore, agents and clients have the opportunity to attain elite status, entailing exclusive perks corresponding to each level. To learn more, please visit the following link.

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