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Grenada Checklist for Traveling
Grenada Checklist for Traveling

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Updated 10 July 2023

Check validity of passports to ensure that the passports of all members of your traveling party has not expired. It is recommended to have at least 6 months validity on your passport to travel.

Check Visa requirements US, Canadian and EU citizens do not require visas.

Send flight information or flight change information to us to coordinate arrival at your villa. Update us of any flight changes, cancellations or flight switches that deviate from previously disclosed information.

Villa/Hotel Transfer - We would be delighted to arrange a transfer to take you from the airport to your accommodation and back on your departure.

Arrange for VIP / Fast Track through Customs - Guests are encouraged to consider the VIP/Fast Track. The VIP/Fast Track allows for members of a traveling party to use an exclusive and expedited customs line for an easy and headache free arrival.

Bring your villa packet with your carry on bag. Please note the name and area location of your villa, as the address will be required for customs.

Arrange for villa provisioning. We is happy to provide a list of provisions for your arrival. You may request specific brands if available. Please remember to note any allergies!

Pre-arrange spa services. If you wish to indulge in private spa services at your villa such as massages, facials, body scrubs and manicures please notify us several weeks in advance due to the popularity of these services.

Use a packing list. Please note that villas will supply bath towels, beach towels and linens as well as hair dryers and irons.

Contact your credit card companies to notify them that you will be traveling to Barbados to prevent any charge refusals. We also recommend bringing two different credit cards as many companies will not accept all cards.

Make photocopies of all your important documents: passports, credit cards and drivers license. Bring them with you and keep them in a separate location.

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