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Palm Springs California
How to get to Palm Springs, California
How to get to Palm Springs, California

Tips for a smooth arrival in Palm Springs, nearest airports

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To get to Palm Springs, California, there are several airports you can consider, depending on your location and preferences. Here are the nearest airports to Palm Springs:

Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)

This is the closest airport to Palm Springs, located within the city itself. It offers a convenient option for travelers heading directly to Palm Springs. It serves both domestic and limited international flights.

Ontario International Airport (ONT)

Located approximately 70 miles west of Palm Springs, Ontario International Airport is another viable option. It is a larger airport serving a wide range of domestic and international flights. From Ontario, you can rent a car or take a shuttle service to reach Palm Springs.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

As one of the busiest airports in the United States, LAX offers extensive flight options and is located about 120 miles west of Palm Springs. If you prefer more flight choices or international connections, you can consider flying into LAX and then travel to Palm Springs either by renting a car, taking a shuttle, or connecting to a domestic flight.

John Wayne Airport (SNA)

Situated approximately 100 miles southwest of Palm Springs, John Wayne Airport serves the Orange County region. While not as close as the previous options, it can be a reasonable alternative for travelers looking for more flight options and convenient access to Palm Springs.

After arriving at any of these airports, you can choose various transportation options to get to Palm Springs, including rental cars, ride-sharing services, airport shuttles, or private transfers. Consider your budget, travel plans, and convenience when deciding which airport to fly into.

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