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St Lucia - Electronic Immigration Card
St Lucia - Electronic Immigration Card

St Lucia Online Immigration Form

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Update 5 July 2023

The Saint Lucia Online Immigration Form has been put into operation from Wednesday, 1st March 2023. Completion of the form prior to travel is not a requirement, however travellers are encourage to complete and submit the form prior to travel to ensure smooth and rapid processing on arrival. Once the electronic form is in used, it can be expected that the processing of arriving passengers to be much swifter and more efficient. Travellers who do not complete the form will experience delays on arrival, as the paper form will then be required.
Travellers to St Lucia are therefore strongly encouraged to complete the form online prior to travel to avoid delays on arrival. The online form can be completed wherever the internet is available prior to landing in Saint Lucia, including on board flights that offer internet services.
​NOTE : as completion of the form is not a requirement for boarding, therefore verification at check in is not required.

Enjoy your stay in St Lucia !

Saint Lucia - United States Department of State

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