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Electricity Standard - Mexico
Electricity Standard - Mexico

A Quick Guide to Electricity Standards in Mexico for Travelers

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Mexico operates on a standard voltage of 127V with a frequency of 60Hz. Check the voltage requirements of your electronics, as some devices may need a voltage converter or transformer.

Mexico primarily uses two plug types: Type A (two flat parallel pins) and Type B (with an additional grounding pin). Carry a universal travel adapter that supports both types to ensure compatibility.

To use your electronic devices in Mexico, you'll need a plug adapter. It's important to note that a plug adapter doesn't convert voltage. If your device requires a different voltage, you'll also need a voltage converter or transformer. Purchase these items before your trip from reputable sources or online retailers.

Safety Precautions: Prioritize safety when dealing with electricity. Use properly grounded outlets whenever possible, avoid overloading them, and exercise caution in wet areas. Unplug devices when not in use to conserve energy and minimize risks. Consult hotel staff or local authorities if you have any safety concerns or questions.


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