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Hurricane Cancellation policies
Hurricane Cancellation policies

What happens if a hurricane affects travel

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Traveling during the Caribbean hurricane season, typically from late August to October end, often raises questions about potential hurricane impacts on your stay. The response varies depending on the situation, underscoring the importance of travel insurance during this period.

Hurricane during your stay

If a destination issues a hurricane warning and urges travelers to evacuate, most villas will offer a refund or credit for the unused portion of your stay.

Hurricane before your stay

Should substantial damage occur at a villa before your visit, preventing it from accommodating you, we'll offer alternate arrangements or a full refund (excluding credit card fees). However, if the villa is undamaged and operational but you choose not to travel, no refund is given. We can ask the owner to consider rescheduling your stay, a decision made on a case-by-case basis.

Hurricane affecting your travel plans

If a hurricane watch results in flight cancellations, but the villa and destination remain operable, no refund is provided. We can solicit the owner's consideration, but the final decision lies with them.

Obtain Travel Insurance during Hurricane season

Hurricanes are infrequent but can impact Caribbean destinations every few years. Therefore, we strongly advise trip insurance to safeguard you and your travel companions from unforeseen cancellations, delays, or other weather-related issues.

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