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Exploring the Different Areas of Grand Cayman
Exploring the Different Areas of Grand Cayman

Where to Stay in Grand Cayman

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When it comes to the Caribbean paradise of Grand Cayman, most people immediately think of its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. While the island is indeed famous for these attractions, there's much more to discover beyond its picture-perfect coastline.

Let's take a closer look at the various regions of Grand Cayman, starting from the West Coast and making our way to the remote East End.

George Town - West Coast

If you're looking for a lively city experience, George Town, the capital of Grand Cayman, might not be your top choice. The city is known for its abundance of banks, low-rise office buildings, and a steady influx of cruise ship passengers. While the waterfront may not be particularly exciting, George Town does offer some shopping opportunities for those interested in souvenirs or duty-free goods.

Seven Mile Beach - West Coast

Moving north along the coastline, we come to the renowned Seven Mile Beach. This well-developed area is adorned with privately owned mansions and condos along the beachfront, making for a truly luxurious setting. The beach itself is absolutely gorgeous, with its pristine sands and azure waters. The Ritz Carlton, situated on the beachfront, offers not only upscale accommodations but also features private residences and a golf course behind it. Within walking distance, you'll find a wide range of bars, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and the bustling Camana Bay development. Camana Bay is a large and ambitious project that connects the sea on both sides of this part of the island, offering a vibrant atmosphere and even open WiFi coverage in the mall areas.

West Bay - West Coast

Moving further north along the West Coast, we arrive at West Bay. This area, which marks the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, has a more "authentic" and residential feel to it. West Bay has undergone significant cleanup efforts and is now a safe and welcoming neighborhood. This area has with an increasing number of mid-range villas available for rent.

South Sound - South Coast

Continuing eastward, we reach South Sound, situated on the South West Coast. This stretch of coastline, extending from Georgetown to the Grand Harbour area, is particularly captivating. Here, you'll find a mix of beachfront villas and condos, mostly residential but also including some vacation rental properties. The rocky coastline boasts both sandy beaches and intimate coves, creating a sense of privacy and exclusivity; its perfect for those seeking a more secluded getaway. Additionally, the South Sound features a barrier reef close to the shore, offering easy access to captivating wreck dive sites. As you venture further along the South Sound, the barrier reef recedes, providing ideal conditions for surfing, kiteboarding, and windsurfing enthusiasts.

Bodden Town - South Coast

Heading to the southern coast, we arrive at Bodden Town, the original capital of Grand Cayman. This residential area is home to well-maintained houses, including some original Caribbean cottages. Tended gardens add charm to the surroundings, while bars, restaurants and other amenities cater to both residents and visitors. For a commercial center, you can visit Savannah, located west of Bodden Town, where a mall and Fosters Grocery Store provide convenient shopping options. The coastline is protected by a barrier reef off shore which creates a calm shallow habitat for the turtles grazing on the sea grass and abundant tropical fish hiding in the colourful coral heads just off the beaches.

East End - East Coast

Follow the coast road east to the remote and rugged East End. Characterized by rocky beaches, the prevailing winds and a lagoon with a barrier reef, this area offers a rugged coastal experience. A small mall, shops, a bank, and a grocery store can also be found in this area. East End is home to attractions such as the Parrot Sanctuary, the wreck of The Ten Sail ship just off the shore, blow holes in the coral rock formations, and cattle grazing in a field with two original cannons from days gone by !

Rum Point - North Coast

Continuing north along the coast road, we reach the North Coast. The coast road running along this region offers scenic views and mostly untouched landscapes. Crystal Caves, a popular tourist attraction, can be found along this road, offering a mesmerizing exploration of underground formations. Rum Point is located on the western end of the coast road, a residential area with water front / beach front homes and rental properties. Protected by the barrier reef off shore, the waters are calm with coral heads and sea grass in abundance.

Cayman Kai - North Coast

Cayman Kai itself is a residential area featuring beautiful beachfront and waterfront villas. The area's hub is Kaibo Restaurant, which also offers a beach bar, restaurant, and a small marina. Visitors can catch a ferry from here to Camana Bay, with the ferry schedule available on the Cayman Ferries website. Another highlight in this area is Starfish Point, a national park where red Starfish and Upside-down Jellyfish can be spotted close to shore, making it a perfect spot for snorkeling. Also home to mesmerising Bioluminescent Bay - a MUST during a stay in Grand Cayman.

Whether you prefer the bustling development of Seven Mile Beach, the tranquility of the South Sound coastline, the quant charm of Bodden Town, the remote beauty of the North Side, or the rugged allure of the East End, Grand Cayman offers a diverse range of coastal experiences to suit every traveler's preferences. Exploring the various coasts will provide you with a deeper understanding of the island's unique character and charm, ensuring a memorable visit to this Caribbean gem.

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