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St. Barts: Year-round allure for every schedule.
St. Barts: Year-round allure for every schedule.
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Discover the vibrant allure of St. Barts a highly coveted destination among the Caribbean islands. With seasons aligned to high demand the island offers exhilarating experiences year-round. Whether it's the stunning beaches thrilling activities or cultural charm St. Barts never fails to impress.

Plan your visit based on your schedule and indulge in the splendor this island paradise has to offer.

Below is a brief guide to the St Barts Experiences Across the Seasons:

Festive Dates:

The two weeks spanning Christmas and New Year experience exceptionally high demand, and special rates are in effect from December 16th to January 6th. Typically, St. Barts Villas require a minimum stay of 14 nights during the festive season, although a few owners might consider shorter stays based on travel dates and availability. Restaurants and beach clubs organize fantastic special events, including themed beach parties with live bands and dancing beneath the stars. Mega yachts illuminate the Gustavia Harbor, while beach bars host festive evenings. On New Year's Eve, the Harbor dazzles with a spectacular firework display, attracting celebrities and a diverse mix of people who dance under the stars to renowned bands or DJs.

Villas, car rentals, water sports, and restaurants are usually booked months in advance during this time, so we highly recommend making reservations as early as possible.

High Season:

One of the most popular times to visit St. Barts is from early January to mid-April. Repeat guests often secure their bookings well in advance due to preferential repeat booking programs, and almost all beachfront villas are reserved early. Thanksgiving week is also considered part of the high season with many villas offering special rates during this period. The island hosts prestigious regattas such as the Saint Barths Bucket and Les Voiles de Saint-Barths, with vibrant beach parties throughout this period. Typically St. Barts Villas require a minimum stay of 7 nights during high season unless there is a gap between reservations. Beach clubs with weekly theme nights, evening restaurants, private chefs and activities fill up quickly during this period.

Low Season:

From mid-April to September and November to mid-December St. Barts experiences the low season.

This is a favored time for many visitors as the weather is wonderful and most areas remain open. The ocean waters are calm making it ideal for diving and boat excursions. It's also one of the most affordable times to rent a villa on St. Barts while still offering plenty of activities. Minimum stays for low season bookings at St. Barts Villas usually range from 5 to 7 nights depending on the owner's calendar. Summer festivities such as concerts and beach parties are plentiful during this period. It's a perfect season for honeymooners, wedding renewals, corporate retreats, and family reunions.

Extreme Low Season:

September and the first part of October mark an exceptionally quiet time of the year as many villas and businesses close for renovations or to provide staff with their annual vacation. Consequently the villas that remain open during this period may offer special discounts and additional perks. If you seek a serene and picturesque destination to unwind and do absolutely nothing this is the ideal time to plan your visit.

St. Barts guarantees an unforgettable experience irrespective of your chosen time of visit. Renowned as the Caribbean Riviera, this captivating island shines as a truly exceptional destination.

Its unmatched charm and allure assure a delightful stay leaving an indelible mark on your memories. Whenever you decide to explore St. Barts prepare to be captivated and enchanted by its unparalleled splendor.

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