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Selecting a time for the St Martin to St Barts Ferry
Selecting a time for the St Martin to St Barts Ferry

Please allow 2 hours from your flight arrival to your ferry departure

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St Martin to St Barts Ferry Ticketing

To ensure a smooth journey from St. Martin to St. Barts via ferry, we highly recommend booking a ferry departure that is scheduled at least 2 hours after your flight arrival at SXM. This buffer time allows for any potential delays or unforeseen circumstances, ensuring a more seamless transition between the airport and the ferry.

In the event that you are scheduled for the last ferry of the day departing from St. Martin but happen to arrive early and wish to catch an earlier ferry, the ferry company may allow you to board if there is available space.

If you do catch an earlier ferry, please make sure to inform your local greeter on St. Barts, updating them with your new arrival time. This will help them stay informed and ensure a smooth welcome upon your arrival. The contact information will be disclosed on your Bon Voyage trip itinerary.

For your return trip from St Barts to St Martin, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

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