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Payment Procedure for Rental Car Reservations
Payment Procedure for Rental Car Reservations

An Explainer on the Payment process for Rental Car reservations. Your credit card is only charge upon confirmation of the rental car.

Updated over a week ago

Please note that all car rental requests are subject to availability. Upon submitting a booking request, our payment system will place an authorization hold on your credit card equal to the booking amount. Please be aware that the actual charge will only be processed once we have confirmed the availability of the rental car.

Once availability is confirmed, we will proceed with processing the payment, and a booking confirmation will be sent to you via email.

In the event that we are unable to confirm the availability, both the booking request and the authorization hold will be canceled. We kindly advise that some credit cards may take 1-2 days to release the payment authorization on their end. Please rest assured that we have not charged your credit card; it is simply a temporary hold placed by your credit card company.

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