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How to Find Nearby Things to do
How to Find Nearby Things to do

Find local beaches, grocery stores, airport and points of interest

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Guests often ask about the proximity of a villa to points of interest such as grocery stores, beaches, airport, restaurants and more.

We have developed a user-friendly map and a points of interest search tool to help locate whatever you need.

Utilize the interactive map

Proceed to the webpage of your villa. The page has a host of information and tools to assist with your travel and villa planning.

Scroll down towards the bottom to the map section. The interactive map provides the location of your villa as well as pins to nearby villas (blue pins), restaurants (orange pins), grocery stores (green pins) and activities (pink pins)

Satellite Map

The map can be converted to Satellite mode by click on the satellite button on the bottom left corner of the map. The satellite map is helpful to determine the quality of the beach and the outlay of the neighborhood.

Search for Local Points of Interest

In the Searching for Something to Do section please click on the Enter Point of Interest field and either select or enter your point of interest. Our company offers a default option of the most common searches such as the nearby airport, grocery store or main beach.

Map with Directions

After you click on Get Directions, a map with directions to your selected point of interest will then be displayed

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