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How to Find a nearby Airport
How to Find a nearby Airport

Instructions on how to find the nearest airport to your villa

Updated over a week ago

Guests often ask about the proximity of a villa to the nearest airport.

We have developed a user-friendly tool to not only locate the nearest airport but also identify local attractions.

Follow these steps to locate the nearest airport:

  1. Proceed to the webpage of your villa. The page has a host of information and tools to assist with your travel and villa planning.

  2. Scroll down to the map section towards the end of the page

  3. In the Searching for Something to Do section please click on the Enter Point of Interest field and either select or type in your point of interest. Our company has included an airport option in the common searches. In this example, you will select Providenciales Airport.

  4. After you click on Get Directions, a map with directions to the airport or selected point of interest will then be displayed

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