Damage Deposits & ADP

Accidental Damage Protection plans can be purchased in lieu of a security deposit

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Damage Deposits

Villas will require a security deposit (aka damage deposit) that is separate from the rental rate and payment deposit.

A security deposit is held by the property manager as insurance towards damage of a villa. Security deposits are commonly a $1000 payable 30 days prior to arrival by check or wire transfer. However, villas set the damage deposit so it can vary from being as simple as a credit card authorization to as much as $20,000 depending on the property. The security deposit policy is disclosed in the Policies, Payment & Cancellation section on the villa page.

The security deposit may be used by the property manager towards damages, extra cleaning and in some cases unpaid incidental bills. While most stays go without incident, claims do arise and they can be costly. Repairs or replacements can be expensive at select destinations due to import costs and generally higher prices.

When a damage claim is made, our company will ask for photos and a repair estimate. The information will be sent to the guest. The claim will be deducted from the security deposit and the remaining balance is refund within a few weeks after a stay has been completed.

Payment Options for Damage Deposits

Credit cards are not accepted for security deposits due to past issues with claims. Only wire payments or personal checks (for US based clients) are accepted. Deposits are refunded several weeks after a stay is completed.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) Plan

Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than an accident damaging a costly piece of furniture at your vacation rental, saddling guests with a significant unexpected cost that can cost thousands of dollars. We are delighted to offer our guests an alternative to submitting a damage deposit by wire or check, the ADP option provides coverage up to a designated amount. With our ADP plan, you can rest easy and be assured that you are well taken care of. Best of all, the purchase of an ADP replaces the security deposit requirement.

  • $79 for up to $1000 coverage

  • $129 for up to $3000 coverage

  • $189 for up to $5000 coverage

Claims are seamlessly handled directly between the property manager and our company to cover the cost of repair or replacement up to the designated coverage amount. Please see Policy Details below for coverage terms and conditions. Please note that the ADP is not a trip insurance plan and does not cover damage from gross negligence, smoking damage or extra cleaning costs.

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