Change of Dates

Modifying your reservation dates

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If you want to change the dates of your villa reservation, the property must approve the request. They may consider a change of dates if you provide advanced notice.

Generally, properties reject change of dates (unless it's a limited change of a day or two from the original dates) if you're traveling within 60 days because the villa has limited ability to resell your original dates. The new dates should be the same or longer in duration than your original booked dates. Shorter stays may not be approved, or they may be approved without refund.

Properties have seasonal rates that vary throughout the year. If the new dates have higher rates than the original dates, the guest must pay the rate difference.

To request a change of dates, please email [email protected] with the following information:

  • Head Guest Name

  • Confirmation number

  • Current dates

  • Requested new dates

We will submit the request to the property for approval. However, the property is not obligated to accept the change of dates.

We highly recommend that you purchase trip insurance to protect against unexpected events.

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