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Top Pick vs Highly Recommended Properties
Top Pick vs Highly Recommended Properties

Villas are designated with elite level status to ensure selection of the best options

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When you search for villas on our platform, you may notice that we have designated some properties as Top Picks, Highly Recommended (aka Preferred), or non-designated. The Top Pick villas are our absolute favorites at the destination, representing the best of the best and ensuring an incredible experience for our guests.


While the Highly Recommended (Preferred) villas are also fabulous properties, they may not have the same strengths as the Top Picks when it comes to location, decor, layout, or guest experience. Nevertheless, we still highly recommend these villas, and we are confident that you will have a wonderful time there.


The non-designated villas will appear towards the bottom of our search results. Even though they are not designated, these villas still meet our high listing standards and are great options to consider. We are known for being highly selective in curating our villa listings and only accept villas with a minimum of a 4-star equivalent rating, with most of our properties being rated at the 5-star level.

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