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Waiver for Minimum Stay Requirement
Waiver for Minimum Stay Requirement

How to get a waiver for a minimum say requirement

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Typically, villas have a minimum stay requirement of 5 to 7 nights. This is because preparing the property for the next guest involves significant time and expenses, unlike hotels. Therefore, villas require a longer duration of stay than hotels.

During the Christmas and holiday period, villas may have a minimum stay requirement of up to 14 nights.

In some cases, properties may consider waiving the minimum night stay requirement if your travel dates fall within 45 days or if they fit an availability gap. However, it's rare for short 2- or 3-night stays to be granted, but stays that narrowly miss the minimum night requirement may be considered. Dates that fall within a Saturday to Saturday time frame have a better chance of being approved.

To request a waiver, please get in touch with our company and email [email protected] with the name of the property and your travel dates. We will also need to know the number of guests in your party. We'll then submit the request to the property for approval.

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