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Chef service with Chef Giacomo
Chef service with Chef Giacomo

Chef service in Tuscany, menus, terms and conditions

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Traveling to Italy obviously means embrace the Italian culture and get a taste of the local gastronomy. Chef service can be arranged at your private Italian villa through our concierge.

Chef Giacomo - Happy Jack Chef - is happy to offer his service while you stay at any of our Italian Villas.

How does it work?

For a one time evening, select a them menu at a preset price.

Within the menu, guests can select their preferred courses.


Tuscany Menu


  • Mixed starter with taste of organic pecorino, tomato bruschetta, homemade duck breast ham smoked with almond wood and long leavened spelt focaccia

  • Creamy buffalo mozzarella caprese

  • Super tasty eggplant parmigiana

  • Beef tartar with melting yolk, truffle and pecorino cream

  • "Coccoli" with cream cheese and pork ham (Fried bread dough)

  • "Inzimino" (Squid and chards stew)

First Courses:

  • Hand made spelt tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms and truffles sauce

  • "Gnudi" butter and sage sauce (ricotta and spinach balls)

  • Lasagne with pork sauce, fennel and sage cream

  • Linguine pasta with green pesto

  • Spaghetti with clams and zucchini

  • Tortelli stuffed with potatoes with beef ragout sauce

Main Courses:

  • “Fiorentina” beef steak, baked potatoes, spinach and cannellini beans

  • Rosticciana (pork ribs) and sausages bbq, baked peppers and zucchini

  • Crispy garlic chicken, chards and baked cherry tomatoes

  • Braised Chianti beef with baked onion halves and mashed potatoes

  • Tagliata of beef with truffle, vegetables

  • Stewed codfish Livornese style, with tomato sauce and mashed white potatoes


  • Chocolate cake with almond flour, arabica coffee and rum

  • Tiramisù

  • Castagnaccio and ricotta (Flat chestnut cake)

  • Florentine cake filled with cream (soft dough cake)

  • Ricotta cheesecake with strawberry curd

  • Semolina tart with chocolate curd

From the Land


  • Egg 62°, sponge and asparagus cream, parmesan wafer

  • Beef tartar, melting yolk and seasonal truffle

  • Carpaccio of duck breast lightly smoked in almond wood, pecorino cheese from the organic farm "Corzano e Paterno"

  • Aromatic velouté of peas, goat cheese, cornflower and mediterranean crumble

  • Soufflé of whites, ricotta, spinach, cherry tomatoes, thyme and fermented lemon

First Courses:

  • Spelt tagliatelle, turnip tops, beef tartar and broccoli cream

  • Lasagnette with boston butt pork sauce, fennel cream, leeks and sage

  • Saffron risotto with essence of bergamot

  • Buttons stuffed with pecorino cheese and pears on duck, pomegranate jus

  • Celeriac gnocchi, beluga lentils stew, bacon and savory mousse

Main Courses (cooked at low temperature):

  • Top blade beef in cocotte its wine sauce, fermented orange, mashed potatoes

  • Duck breast with plums, artichokes, carrot and lemon mousse

  • Grilled picanha, beef jus, spring onions, cherry tomatoes confit, baby carrot

  • Pork fillet, its sauce, raspberry and rosemary mousse, celeriac

  • Pigeon, its cherry jus, turnip tops and spring onion


  • Intense chocolate flat cake with almond flour, coffee and Jamaican rum

  • Far breton with plums marinated in rum and bergamot tea

  • Chocolate and pears pie with melting heart

  • Quark and ricotta cheesecake with strawberry curd

  • Tiramisù

  • Alkekengi tartlets

From the Sea


  • Prawns, chinese onion, fresh chili pepper and bergamot vinaigrette

  • Cuttlefish egg on braised spring onion and aromatic breadcrumbs

  • Carpaccio of wild gravlax salmon smoked in almond wood, fennel mousse, spelt focaccia

  • Millefeuille of chickpeas with cod mousse, sage and almonds

  • Egg 62°, smoked mackerel, crunchy coral

First Courses:

  • Tortelli stuffed with scampi, coral sauce, guacamole, lemon zest essence

  • Spelt linguine, pistachios pesto and clams

  • Oyster, champagne and alkekengi risotto

  • Smoked tea and stockfish risotto, cypress, caramelized onion

  • Potato gnocchi with orange, octopus and its sauce

Main Courses (cooked at low temperature):

  • Wild salmon, strawberry sauce, thyme crumble, asparagus julienne

  • Codfish on a purée of datterini tomatoes, crispy wafer, basil quenelle

  • Grilled octopus, its mousse, ginger potatoes, capers, confit lemons and oregano vinaigrette

  • Sea bass fillet, its tartar, passion fruit and asparagus water

  • Tuna, tahin, maghreb bergamot


  • Intense chocolate flat cake with almond flour, coffee and Jamaican rum

  • Far breton with plums marinated in rum and bergamot tea

  • Chocolate and pears pie with melting heart

  • Quark and ricotta cheesecake with strawberry curd

  • Tiramisù

  • Alkekengi tartlets

Terms & Conditions

For one time evening Chef service, rates vary depending on the number of diners, are quoted per person and include:

  • Purchase of raw materials

  • Preparation of recipes on site

  • Informal table service

  • Kitchen cleaning


  • For 2 - 3 people - Package of 625€ (single rate)

  • 4 people - 175€ each

  • 5 people - 162.50€ each

  • 6 people - 143.75€ each

  • 7 people - 131.25€ each

  • 8 people - 118.75€ each

  • 9 > people - 112.50€ each

All prices are 10% VAT included. The quoted rate is for a 4 course menu with starter, first course, main course with side dish and dessert, drinks not included. Possibility to vary the number of courses and reach a new quotation. Children 0 - 3 years old are free, 4 - 8 years old pay half price. Possibility of menu for intolerances.

Extra On request:

  • Waiter 150€ per service (recommended)

  • Sommelier 225€

  • Flowers and candles upon request

  • Musician 312.50€

  • Table setting expert 250€

  • Photographer 375€


Our private wine cellar offers several prestigious labels, it will be our pleasure to suggest a wine proposal in combination with the chosen menu.

Full Time Chef service

Chef present in the villa full time for the preparation of meals requested by the client and the daily supply of raw materials at local markets.

  • Chef 562.50€ per day

  • Assistant Chef 187.50€ per day

Depending on the size of the group and the needs of the client, the presence of the assistant chef will be evaluated. Rates do not include the purchase of raw materials,

which will be paid by the client.

Accommodation in a villa, with a room dedicated to the staff, or alternatively a room will be taken in the nearest b&b, at the client's expense. The assistant chef assists the chef in the preparation and procurement of raw materials and for all the work in the kitchen.

If not already arranged by the villa, it is recommended that the client hire dedicated cleaning staff. Eventually, service available in our extras.

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