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Sardinia Beach Recommendations
Sardinia Beach Recommendations

Best beaches of the Costa Smeralda and beach clubs

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Here’s our handy overview of some of the best beaches of Costa Smeralda that should not be missed


Pevero Beach

Pevero beach actually consists of two beaches: the smaller Piccolo Pevero beach (Spiaggia del Piccolo Pevero) and the larger Grande Pevero beach (Spiaggia del Grande Pevero). Both beaches are located just 3 kilometers south of Porto Cervo, and 2.5 kilometers north-west of Romazzino beach – in what is largely considered to be one of the most stunning areas of the Sardinian Costa Smeralda. Grande Pevero beach spans about 300 meters, and faces north. Piccolo Pevero, in the small village of Golfo Pevero, is only 120 meters long and faces north-east. Both beaches have shallow waters, making them suitable for families with small children.

Liscia Ruja beach

Besides being one of the best beaches of Costa Smeralda, Liscia Ruja beach – or “Long Beach” – happens to be one of the longest beaches in this area of Sardinia. Liscia Ruja beach lies in between the villages of Portisco and Cala di Volpe. Since Liscia Ruja Beach is rather long and wide, this beach is ideal for long walks along the waterline, preferably in spring. Liscia Ruja faces east, offering a beautiful view of the Soffi and Mortorio islands. An absolute must see during your Sardinian holiday!

Principe Beach

Principe Beach (Spiaggia del Principe), or “the Prince’s beach”, so called because it supposedly is Prince Karim Aga Khan’s favourite beach, definitely belongs to the list of best beaches of Costa Smeralda. It lies near Cala di Volpe, just south of Romazzino beach. Located about 800 meters from the car parking areas, it will take you a good ten minutes’ walk along a rocky path before you’ll get rewarded and reach the white sandy beach with its lovely clear water with changing hues of turquoise. Principe Beach shouldn’t be missed by those visiting the Costa Smeralda, but it can get a little crowded in August, so go early.

Romazzino Beach

Romazzino Beach (Spiaggia di Romazzino) is located in the Arzachena area, and lies just north of the village of Romazzino, 6 kilometers south-east of Porto Cervo. Romazzino Beach is sheltered from the wind, and its shallow waters make it suitable for families with small children.

Capriccioli Beach

Capriccioli Beach (Spiaggia di Capriccioli) is located 1.5 kilometers south-west of the all-famous Principe Beach. This rather small beach (200 meters) is surrounded by an abundance of lush Mediterranean brush, with olive and pine trees, and the beach is divided into two parts by enormous granite rocks. It offers beautiful views of the island of Mortorio, Soffi and Le Camere. Should the number of beaches you’ll visit be limited during your Sardinian holiday, make sure you’ll visit Capriccioli.

Rena Bianca Beach

Rena Bianca beach (Spiaggia di Rena Bianca) lies just 10 kilometers south of Porto Cervo, along the Costa Smeralda coastline, in between Razza di Junco beach and Portisco beach. Rena Bianca beach is one of the smaller beaches of the area, its length is about 250 meters, and its white sands reach up to 50 meters wide. It’s a nice beach for windsurfing, canoeing, and water sports. Beach beds and umbrellas are available, as well as windsurfing gear and jet skis for those who would like to explore the surrounding turquoise waters.

La Celvia Beach

Within a comfortable walking distance from the beach of Capriccioli you will find La Celvia beach (Spiaggia della Celvia), in the heart of the beautiful Sardinian Costa Smeralda. Surrounded by many luxury apartments scattered throughout the area, this beach is nearly 300 meters long and faces south. Besides being one of the largest beaches in the area, La Celvia offers the most tourist services and greater overall comfort. The dining options on La Celvia are excellent, with many restaurants offering cocktails and champagne. It shouldn’t be surprising that La Celvia is frequently visited by international celebrities.

Beach Clubs:

Reef Beach

Reef, Porto Cervo reachable by boat only:

First Line: 1 umbrella & 2 sunchairs price TBA.

Bar Service and Restaurant

Boat Service: TBA

White Beach Club

White Beach Club, Liscja Ruja, Porto Cervo:

Privé Euro 1000.00 per day inclusive of 2 umbrellas – 1 cambana and 6 sunchairs, towels, toilette.

First Line: 1 umbrella & 2 sunchairs Euro 150.00 per day

Second Line: 1 umbrella & 2 sunchairs Euro 100.00 per day

Third Line: 1 umbrella & 2 sunchairs Euro 80.00 per day

Bar Service and Restaurant

Boat Service: Euro 50.00 return max 10 people.

Phi Beach

Phi Beach for unforgettable Sunset and aperitif: open for lunch & dinner restaurant as well

Open from 1.00 pm

Double sun chair Euro 50.00 per day inclusive of 1 bottle of water and towel per pax

Bar service and toilette

Restaurant is open for Lunch & Dinner

Phi Beach is highly recommended for aperitif at the Sunset!

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