How to Reserve a Property as a Travel Agent

Travel agents are eligible for commissions at the vast majority of our properties. Most properties will include a 10% commission with a few exceptions. To qualify for a commission, the travel agent must originate the reservation inquiry and booking. If a client has booked a property directly, the agent is not eligible for a commission if the guest has initiated the reservation process.

To reserve a property, the agent must send a reservation request to the following email addresses:

Isle Blue- [email protected]

St Barts Blue- [email protected]

St Martin Blue- [email protected]

Barbados Blue- [email protected]

We do not require pre-registration. We will need the following information when you submit a reservation request:

Travel Agent & Agency registration

  • Travel agent name

  • Travel agent email

  • Travel Agent Company

  • IATA #

  • Travel Agent Address

  • Agency's W9 (US based agencies only)

Guest registration details

  • Head guest Name

  • Head Guest email (if the agency is proceeding with pathway 1 for booking procedure)

  • Villa Name

  • Arrival Date

  • Departure Date

  • Number or Adults

  • Number of Children

  • Ages of Children

Booking Procedure Options

We offer two pathways to book a property.

Pathway 1 (recommended)- The travel agency provides the email address of the guest. The guest is sent the contract and invoice with the agency on copy. Guest has the option to directly coordinate arrival logisitics and vacation planning via our concierge team and online Experiences platform. A commission check is issued at the end of your stay. The benefits of this pathway are multifold: limited financial liability, ease of communication and planning as well as the availability of all our planning tools.

Pathway 2- The travel agency assumes the financial liability of payments and acts as a proxy. The travel agency will need to collect payment from the guest directly and then submit a net payment. With the net rate payment, the commission is deducted from the final payment. All villa planning and arrival logistics must go through the travel agent. With this pathway, we do not need the guest email address.

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