Updated 16 April 2021

NOTE : Upon arriving in Nevis / St Kitts visitors are required to cover all medical expenses and all the additional expenses of a possible extension to their stay.

Please review the current protocols issued by the local authorities :

  1. Reserve your accommodation at one of the Covid certified locations such as THE FOUR SEASONS NEVIS & PARADISE BEACH NEVIS

  2. Complete a Covid-19 RT-PCR test from CIJA / CDC / UKAS approved lab 3 days prior to arrival in Nevis / St Kitts.

  3. Submit required paperwork on line : https://www.knatravelform.kn/ including the negative test results for each traveler.

  4. Await email from the the Ministry of National Security - approval must be granted prior to boarding your flight. Printed copies of the approval must be provided at check in.

  5. Health screening at the airport upon arrival including temperature check.

  6. Airport transfer to your accommodation in a Covid Certified vehicle / water taxi / ferry.

  7. Fully vaccinated visitors can move about freely at their accommodation / resort and enjoy selected Covid Certified activities.

  8. For visits up to 7 days, visitors are required to have a 2nd RT-PCR test, this can also be used for the return to the home country.

  9. For extended visits, on Day 7 of your stay, visitors must have a 2nd RT-PCR test. A negative test result will allow visitors to enjoy selected Covid Certified activities and excursions.

  10. On Day 14, visitors must have a 3rd RT-PCR test, a negative result will allow visitors open access to the islands of Nevis & Kitts. Enjoy your stay !

Source : https://nevisisland.com/getting-to-nevis/travel-requirements#inttraveler

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