Congratulations! You are about to confirm your reservation. We have created this manual to guide you through the booking process. Thank you for booking with Isle Blue!

Step 1

Ensure you are logged into your account

Step 2

Click on your Initials (you will notice a red dot)

Step 3

Select "Pending Reservation"

You will be sent to a recap of your booking. Scroll down to STEP 1: Contract Review

Step 4

After reviewing the Rental Agreement, click on “Click to Accept”. You can download a copy of the contract for your records here too.

Step 5

Select your Damage Deposit Option by clicking on the pull down menu where you will be shown the options

Step 6

Select your payment option. 3 methods of payment are accepted: Credit Card / US Bank Checks / Wire Transfer.

Step 7

For payments by Wire Transfer and US Bank Checks, don’t forget to “Confirm your payment option” by clicking on the green button

For payment by credit card, please follow the instructions and click Pay $xxx

Step 8

You will know you have done the steps correctly if after clicking “Confirmation your payment option” or “Pay $xxx” you are taken to a page similar to the below

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