Chef service prices are based on group size. Our Professional chefs prepare a wide variety of menus and can accommodate special requests with prior notice. Meals are prepared family-buffet style at the dinner table. Requests can be made directly with your concierge and will be confirmed with the chef in advance. Please provide us with your desired sitting time for meals to be served.

Chef Service Pricing

Group Size




All Day

Extra Hours



















Not included in chef services is cost of food + delivery fee or beverage service and preparation. Provisioning will include an added delivery fee of 25% of the provisioning total.

Hours of Service:

Breakfast 8AM-12PM

Lunch 12PM to 4PM

Dinner 4PM to 9PM

All Day 8AM to 9PM


For a group over 6 guests, an assistant to the chef is included.

A server or bartender can be added to the staff at a cost of $110 for a 4 hour services and $30 per hour after the 4 hours.

Chef: preparation of meals, confirming meal times and menus (after the first day) and grocery shopping.

Kitchen Assistant: Assists Chef with meals, in serving, and performs cleanup.

Server: prep, table settings, serving and cleanup.
Bartender: Prepares beverages, cocktails and assists in serving.

Additional notes:

*Please be aware that each 4 hours of each individual service shift include time for shopping (if required), food preparation, serving and clean up. In case guests do not show up at the scheduled time, the chef will wait 45 minutes to serve, after that, will proceed with clean up, store the prepared food. If a breakfast is required earlier than 8 AM, the full day services scheduled will be adjusted to reflect the requested times. Dinners served later than 9pm will be charged 30% extra.
*Prices are in USD (United States Dollars)
*All prices are subject to 16% Government Tax. Please take into consideration that there is a 3% charge for all credit transactions.

*Children over 12 months constitute as a full price person

*No refunds for cancelations within 30 days

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