Updated 17 Sept 2021

NOTE : A curfew of 11pm to 5am daily is currently active in the BVIs.


Effective 6 August 2021, fully vaccinated persons traveling from overseas would require:

1) A rapid test will be administered at the port of entry to all fully vaccinated travelers. Proof of vaccination status is required.

2) The cost of the rapid test is $50.00. Effort is being made to allow vaccinated travelers to pay for their test on the portal, but they should be prepared to pay upon arrival if implementation is not completed in time.

3) Results from the rapid test will be available to guests before they leave the port of entry. Guests should expect test results in approximately 25-35 minutes.

4) The testing method for the rapid tests will be nasopharyngeal

For further details : https://www.bvitourism.com/reopening

For the Travel Protocols : https://bvigateway.bviaa.com/

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