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Vacation Rental Cancellation Policy Explainer
Vacation Rental Cancellation Policy Explainer

Information on vacation rental cancellation policies

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Vacation rentals are the new trend in vacation experiences with ever increasing demand and popularity. They allow guests the luxury home away from home experience in highly sought after locations.

Unlike hotels and cruise ships, vacation rentals are one of a kind properties. Due to the uniqueness of each property as well as the limited availability of the property, vacation rentals operate on a different set of reservation rules that are short term lease agreements between property owner and guest. The lease agreement obligates both parties and defines responsibilities for each party.

Property Owner Responsibilities

The vacation rental owner is obligated to provide you with access to the property for the defined terms of the reservation. Once a reservation is confirmed, the dates for that property are reserved for the use of the guest. If the property fails to deliver the villa for reserved dates, the owner is required to refund client and  our company will assist with an alternative property that is equivalent or superior to the originally reserved property and subject to guest approval. The property is required to be well maintained and in good operation. 99% of the properties we offer are professionally managed to ensure that expected standards are upheld.

Guest Responsibilities

The guest is expected to occupy the villa during reserved dates and to abide by each property's house rules. Considerate care and respect for the property is expected. Guest is liable for damages during their stay.  It should be noted that the guest assumes all risk of travel and must take proper precautions or insurance to ensure they will be able to travel. The villa will not refund clients for issues related to travel or the guests inability to reach the destination. 

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