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When to go to Sri Lanka
When to go to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Seasons, Best time to go to Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is subject to two monsoons. Then the rainy season starts on the North and East Coast, the dry season starts on the South and West Coast & vise versa. This means Sri Lanka is a year around destination, and there is always a ‘right’ season somewhere in the island.

High Season (Dec–Mar)

  • The Hill Country plus west- and south-coast beaches are busiest – and driest.

  • The Maha monsoon season (October to January) keeps the East, North and ancient cities wet.

Shoulder (Apr & Sep–Nov)

  • April and September offer the best odds for good weather countrywide.

  • A good time to wander without a set schedule.

Low Season (May–Aug)

  • The weather in the North and East is best.

  • The Yala monsoon season (May to August) brings rain to the south and west coasts plus the Hill Country.

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