After a long flight it is nice to be whisked away and avoid the hassle of directions and driving in an unfamiliar location.  Our transfer service will take you to the villa and notify the staff of your impending arrival for a proper welcome.

Ani Sri Lanka arranges one complimentary private round trip transfer per group from Colombo airports. For other members in your group, there are several options for additional transfers which we can arrange:

Ground transport - Journey time: 3 hours

  • Car (max 2 passengers): US$150.00 each way
  • Car (max 4 passengers): US$160.00 each way
  • Car (max 6-8 passengers): US$180.00 each way
  • Car (max 8-12 passengers): US$300.00 each way
  • Car (max 15-20 passengers): US$350.00 each way

Helicopter - Journey time: 45 mins

  • Maximum 6 passengers
  • US$3,500 each way
  • 15 min drive from helipad to the villa

Sea Plane - Journey time: 45 mins

  • Maximum 8 passengers
  • US$2,850 each way
  • 15 min drive from landing lagoon to the villa

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