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Snorkeling in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
Snorkeling in Marigot Bay, St. Lucia

The best snorkeling spots in Marigot Bay

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Update 22 June 2023

Marigot Bay is a great spot for those new to snorkelling, to give it a go before they head out to deeper waters around the island, where the top sites can be found.

The shallow waters of Marigot Bay are popular with snorkelers, thanks to the fact that the conditions are right and there is easy access to gear right on shore at the marina.  Just off shore, you will find a good collection of rocks where juvenile fish and the occasional sea horse can be seen.  However, this site offers only a taste of what is to come a little further out.  Just offshore there are several amazing snorkelling sites that can only be accessed by boat.  This means that the sailing adventures you were planning should definitely involve a few stops at places like Coral Gardens.  If you aren't planning on a day of sailing, you can count on the Isle Blue Concierge to set you up with snorkelling excursions on an almost daily basis.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you're ready to experience what's down below you might want to visit L'Anse la Raye. Snorkelling is popular here because the visibility is so good.  Under the surface there are several coral formations of sea whips, gorgonians, and soft corals, plus rock clusters that are home to active fish. This snorkelling site is located in Anse La Raye, a short distance away south west of Marigot Bay.

Anse Couchon is another snorkelling spot you might enjoy. Locals favour this snorkelling site.  Despite being a small area, the marine life that lives here is dense and active.

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