Maximum Capacity of Properties

Villas tend to restrict capacity to double occupancy of each bedroom offered, meaning only 2 guests can occupy one bedroom. For example, a 5 bedroom villa will likely have a maximum occupancy of 10 guests.  Most properties follow this formula with few exceptions. Please refer to the maximum occupancy designation in the villa detail section for information.

Adding an Additional Guest

It may be possible to add one additional guest above the listed maximum occupancy but owner approval is required.  Additional guests may be required to pay for an additional rollaway bed and/or an additional surcharge. Each property has a different set of rules and expectations.

Allowing 2 additional guests above the maximum occupancy is rarely approved but we will be delighted to seek permission.

Please note that infants and children are counted as a guest and need to be included in the party size. Please do not assume that children are not included in the guest count when reserving the property.

If you have a desired vacation home and need to check if an additional guest will be accepted, please do not hesitate to connect with our villa specialist team via chat or phone call. We will be delighted to assist you.

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