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Updated 25 July 2023

For those seeking some adventure on their holiday's Antigua has it all.

Eco Tour (Shared Cruise)
Location: Dickenson Bay -  Sails every day from 9AM – 3PM
Antigua’s oldest Eco boat tour. You’ll spend the day in the North Sound of Antigua where they have 22 offshore islands, learning about the Eco systems and the History of the different islands in this protected area. You will learn about the turtle project at Jumby Bay, the reef ball system at Maiden Island, the beautiful and important Mangrove system by Guiana Island and much more. There are two snorkeling sessions along with a nature walk to the top of Bird Island. You’ll also visit Hells Gate Island for a snorkel or a climb through a small cave like structure through the island. 

GREAT for all ages!! Lunch, drinks ands snorkel equipment included.
Cost - US $ 115 per person, Deposit- US $ 20 per person 

XtremeCircumnavigation Tour (Shared Cruise)
Location: Dickenson Bay - Sails every day from 9AM-3PM.
Xtreme Circumnavigation is a circumnavigation of the island, so it goes all the way around Antigua. You’ll stop at Stingray City on this tour, (park fee included). You’ll pull up on their dock and you spend the normal 45min- 1hour long session with them in the water at Stingray City. You will then continue around the island stopping at Green Island for lunch on the beach, where while the crew is setting up lunch on the beach, guests can have a wonder around the island, maybe havinga swim. After lunch is completed, you then head south to Nelson's Dockyard (you don’t get off the boat but Captain points out important structures and gives a short talk explaining what they were used for).
Cost - US $ 170 per person, Deposit - US $ 25 per person 

Classic Yacht Sailing Tour (Shared Cruise)
Location: Dickenson Bay  
This tour is very simple and enjoyable for all ages and levels of experience. You join the Ocean Nomad on the West Coast (Jolly Harbour) and sail on a straight reach to Cades Reef where we will snorkel in the clear waters there. From Cades it will be a short motor sail up to the beautiful Carlisle Bay where we will have a delicious Adventure Antigua lunch and watch the turtles, which are very common there. After lunch you can relax under the shade of the awning or have a gentle swim while the crew prepares the boat for the leisurely afternoon sail back down to the West coast where our final stop is at Pinch in Bay beach, a secluded beach on the west coast where you can have another swim or beach comb. On this unique cruise you can decide how much you would like to take part in sailing this classic vessel. They will teach you the basics of sailing as well as give you info about how this historical vessel was built. There are three areas they’ll sail through where you will see turtles and one spot has huge adult green turtles coming up for air in between feeding on the grass below. Boat is a 40ft wooden classically built Carriacou Sloop. It takes a max of 8 people
Cost - US $ 170 per person, Deposit - US $ 25 per person 

Horseback Riding
Location: Fig Tree Drive, English Harbour
USD $ 65 pp for 1 hr. The ride is a 1hr ride through the plantations and to a nearby beach,suitable for novice riders able to control a horse at walk and trot.

USD $ 25 pp for 2 hrs. This ride takes us to the beautiful Rendevous Bay, riding quite a steep downhill track and leading to a stunning open wild beach, this ride is for advanced riders only, confident in walk, trot in canter.

USD $ 45 pp Swim with the horses. Why not take the opportunity to swim with your horse in the ocean after your ride or just because you can!

USD$ 65 for 1 hour lesson or US $ 35 for half hour lesson  
For reservations contact: 

Kite Surfing, Windsurfing & Paddle boarding
Location: Huges Point Nonsuch Bay Resort
Come and ride in the turquoise water; the bay is protected by an outer reef that guaranties a constant flat water condition and the consistent trade winds are blowing throughout the bay all year round. This combination provides the ideal location for learning and progressing in any water-sport
Cost starting at US $ 65
For reservations contact:

Bernies Snorkeling Antigua
Location: St Philip Parish
Antigua Relax and explore the many wonders of the sea.
Starting at US $ 60 for one hour US $ 80 for two hours
For reservations contact:

Antigua Reef Riders
Location: Jolly Harbour
Situated in the picturesque Jolly Harbour Marina, just a short 20 minute taxi ride from St Johns Port, WCT Antigua Reef Riders presents you with a unique opportunity for you to captain your own 10 foot 2-seater inflatable ReefRider. HOLD ON TIGHT as you and your friend explore the beautiful west coast of Antigua out to the stunning Cades Reef. Top of the “things to do in Antigua” list.Put on your snorkel, mask and fins (provided) and dive into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Our boats are small enough to moor inside the reef lagoon to get you closer to the amazing marine life including stingrays,lobster, parrot-fish, surgeon-fish and wrasse, as well as the beautiful coral reef.
Cost starting at US $ 80
For reservations contact:  

Paddles Snorkel and Kayak Eco Adventure
Location: Seatons Village
Fast motorboats transfer you from the kayak clubhouse to are mote lagoon where, after instruction, guides will lead a route thruman groves inlets and tiny islands. Look for shy turtles, skimming ballahoo and starfish in the inlets. Reboarding your boat, an exhilarating 20 minute ride in the North Sound Marine Park will bring you to an uninhabited island,the habitat of small wildlife and tropical birds.
Cost starting at US $ 120 for Single Passenger and US $ 160 for Double Passengers (2 hours 30 minutes)
For reservations contact: 

Fly Fishing & Light Tackle Charters
Location:  Ready to tackle the big fish? Tarpon, Snook, Bonefish,Barracudas and more. Enjoy your time with the professionals and move seamlessly through the water on the Float tubing charters, Skiff Fishing and even night fishing.
For reservations contact: [email protected] or

Antigua Mountain Adventure Tour on ATV, Motorcycle, or Scooter
Location: Antigua
In a city surrounded by volcanoes, adventure is hard to resist. Give into your sense of adventure on this tour around the outskirts of Antigua on an ATV, motorcycle, or scooter; take your pick of vehicle and choose to drive it yourself or ride in the back seat. Visit four mountains around Antigua, a local Mayan village, the famous El Cerro de la Cruz, and an organic farm with a full view of the valley below.

For more information contact Isle Blue

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