Updated 18 Nov 2022

Several villas in Antigua include a chef but for villas that do not, a private chef can easily be arranged and coordinated.   The cost of food and beverage is not included. Gratuities are not included.  Contact your concierge at Isle Blue for further details.

The chefs are contracted and the rates are based on the number of guests.  We do not have menus available.  

A quote will be provided depending on time of year and how many guests. Once dates are confirmed, the chef will contact the guest directly to set up the menus. Guests will receive an invoice directly from the chef and it will have the grocery receipt attached.  The chef does accept credit card payments with a 5% fee.

Tropical Food

1-7 Persons  

1 meal = US $ 350 + cost of groceries

2-3 meals (in the same day) = US $ 450 + cost of groceries 

8-12 Persons 

1 meal = US $ 4000  + cost of groceries

2-3 meals (in the same day) = US $ 500 + cost of groceries  

Festive Holiday Season - rates and conditions upon request

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