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A brief guide to Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos. Beautiful villas, divine spa and gorgeous beaches.

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Imagine a tropical island without cars or the sound of traffic in the distance. Imagine too that this island has pristine white sand beaches that stretch out into crystal clear turquoise seas. Imagine that it is an island filled with the most luxurious services, amenities, and experiences. If you book a Turks and Caicos vacation, this is exactly what to expect. A Turks and Caicos luxury vacation is a treat, but especially when it occurs on Parrot Cay.

Turks and Caicos is comprised of eight larger islands and then a chain of many smaller ones. Some are inhabited, others are not, and among these small islands, Parrot Cay easily ranks as one of the most secluded and exclusive. Long noted as a VIP hideaway, and popular with such celebrities as Donna Karen, Justin Timberlake, and Jennifer Garner, it offers travelers a range of accommodations – and all of them luxurious.

Parrot Cay Villas

Roughly 35 minutes by boat from Providenciales, Parrot Cay is dotted with private homes, scores of lovely villas, a classic hotel, and a world-class spa – the Shambala Retreat. Described as a sanctuary and a mystical place, it allows visitors to enjoy great comfort while also experiencing the natural world in total peace and quiet.

Reaching Parrot Cay

Travelers will be able to easily reach the private Parrot Cay dock in the Providenciales marina. Airport transfers are easily arranged, and taxis also make the journey each day. From the marina, you take the private ferry to the island. it is just a short and amazingly scenic ride along the coast until you reach Parrot Cay’s dock.

From the dock, transportation to your luxury villa or hotel is readily available or easily arranged. Travelers can choose from Veranda rooms and suites, a gorgeous array of beach houses and villas, and several impressive private homes. Services include attentive staff, but private villas can also enjoy access to full butler services, private chefs and more.

Staying in Parrot Cay

Your Turks and Caicos luxury vacation on Parrot Cay can be as leisurely and low-key as you wish or as active and busy as you desire.

Guests can enjoy a bevy of gourmet dining venues that include the Lotus Restaurant, The Terrace, and the Shambhala’s private menu. There are also theme dinners each week, such as a Mediterranean meal prepared by the chefs of the island or a live music and BBQ event at the poolside Lotus restaurant.

They can also book private beach picnics, enjoy beachfront tiki hut dinners and even have meals served to them at their private poolside and al fresco dining spaces.

The hotel, recently restored and yet retaining its classic, hacienda charm, is a common gathering place where the library, bar and dining spots create a wonderful atmosphere all day and well into the evening hours.

Parrot Cay has been carefully planned and designed as an inspirational and yet peaceful area. It is why it is a “golf carts” only area. Guests can safely and quietly enjoy all of the beachfront, the nature reserve areas, the jogging trails, tennis courts, and full spa facilities, and all in the eco-friendly setting.

Kayaking is a popular past tie in the lagoon and the inlets, snorkeling is unforgettable in the crystal waters, and yet you can just as easily enjoy days on end at the pool, beach hut and nearby sands.

A Turks and Caicos vacation can become a luxury vacation and getaway when you opt for a visit to Parrot Cay. A truly world-class destination, it is utterly beautiful, remarkably calm and private, and a place where you may find yourself rubbing elbows with some of the most famous names in the world!

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