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Top Surfing Spots on St Martin | St Maarten
Top Surfing Spots on St Martin | St Maarten

Where to Surf on St Martin | St Maarten

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If you are heading to St. Martin, you may already know that it is described as the island of 36 beaches. Of course, you might also hear it has 37 beaches! Whether you opt for the higher or lower count, the simple truth is that there are many gorgeous beaches on the island. Because of the geographic location of St. Martin along the edge of the Caribbean island chain, it is also a place where many of its beaches are ideal for surfing and kite boarding too.

The best “season” for those hoping to learn how to surf or kite board, or those who already know and who want to enjoy the waters, is November through April. Even if you arrive out of season, though, be sure to find out about conditions, because it is not unusual for the Atlantic side of the island to have days when surfing is possible.

Clients of Isle Blue can easily find accommodations just steps from the top beaches, and can also contact our agents to discover where to find good waves. The island is home to quite a few “surf” schools, and we can point you towards the spots with quality instructors.

Whenever you are ready to hit the beaches and ride the waves, we recommend the spots listed below. We have ranked them from the best for beginners to the beaches offering the most challenging conditions. You will also find some details about the best kite boarding spots too.

Many guests discover that a large number of the beaches are ideal for “all surfers”, and you may want to spend time speaking with the local surfers about the conditions or just enjoying some great drinks and food at the nearest beach hut while doing a bit of people watching out on the waves.

The Best Surfing Beaches on St. Martin

Le Galion 

This is a reef and coral beach that is ideal for all surfers. Just south of the famous Orient Bay, it is along the eastern shore (Atlantic side) of the island and a short distance from Dawn Beach too.


A bit tough to find, but oh-so-worth the effort, this gorgeous golden pink sand beach has no services, but is quiet, secluded and offers some of the finest conditions for all surfers. You reach it via the drive to the Radisson Blu in Anse Marcel. Local directions are as follows: “Before you get to the steep climb up the hill make a right just after the school. This road will lead you to the dump on the French Side [along] a bumpy dirt track road, keep going until you see the gates for the dump, and park your vehicle just on the right hand side in the parking bay, before the gates. It’s a nice hike…The beach is about a 30-minute hike following the coastline. Head down the trail to the water, first towards Anguilla as seen in the distance. The trail is marked by the French Marine reserve, so once you get to the beach, make a left and you can see the trail that has been made over the years in the rock and coral on the beach. Then walk over headland and 30 minutes later you will be on one of the most secluded beaches” on the island.

Mullet Bay 

A point break beach at a distance offshore, this western coastal beach is for the experienced surfers only. However, it is also one of the finest beaches with plenty of services and lots of families.


Just north of Mullet Bay is this experienced surfers beach. Tucked at the base of cliffs and actually a series of lovely beaches, it is another spot to enjoy safe swimming in addition to water sports.

If you would rather experience some kite boarding, there are a few good beaches with equipment rentals and kite boarding schools. The top rated are found at Orient Beach, adjacent to Le Galleon, which also has its own shacks and schools.

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