Famous for its fourteen stunning beaches, the beautiful island of St. Barts is also a popular spot for the enthusiastic surfer as well. With an array of conditions providing ideal spots for the beginner to the highly experienced surfers, the island is the perfect choice for those who wish to include some time on their surfboard during a holiday. Because of the island’s geography, the ideal time of year to catch the best surf is November through April, and with ten bays and coves facing an easterly direction, there will be plenty of “point breaks” to create workable waves!

Clients of Isle Blue can easily find accommodations just steps from the best beaches on St Barts, and can turn to our representatives to discover where to obtain the equipment needed. Whether you want to be outfitted with a board and other gear or you want some recommendations for beaches, we are glad to give you the help needed.

When you are ready to hit the waves, we suggest the following spots, listed below. We have ranked them from the best for beginners to the beaches offering the most challenging conditions. Most visitors are happy to discover that a large number of the beautiful beaches are ideal for “all surfers”, and you may want to spend time observing conditions, taking tips from the local surfers, and enjoying some people watching out on the waves.

The Best Beaches for Surfers on St. Barts

If you ask the local experts about the ideal spots for surfing on St. Barts, most immediately tell you that it is the beaches at St. Jean and Lorient.


One of the most popular family beaches, it is a favorite of island residents too. There are many waterfront villas on the beach and you can find at least one good surf shop if you are interested in a lesson.

Saint Jean

This is actually two beaches that have been naturally divided by the charming Eden Rock area. Either beach presents some of the safest swimming conditions, along with ample services. Families love this spot, but it is a good one for surfers during some seasonal times.

Anse des Cayes

Is a popular beach just west of St. Jean. Less sheltered, it is equidistant from Lorient and has similar conditions, though is not as sheltered.

Anse des Lezards

Just northwest of Anse des Cayes, and south of the picturesque Anse des Flamands, it is smaller but ideal for all surfers.


A very popular, sheltered and scenic beach, it is a “beach break” spot that many surfers enjoy.

For the Experienced Sufer

For the more experienced, the beaches of eastern St. Barts offer the best surfing conditions. Some are even considered extremely challenging and suited to experienced surfers alone. The best options include:

Point Milou

Just northeast of Lorient, it is a reef and coral beach that is suited to the experienced surfers. This is where to head to see some experts at work.

Washing Machine

This is strictly for the skilled surfers, but just hiking to the beach is worth the effort. Take the trail from Grand Cul de Sac to the isolated Washing Machine beach, and marvel at the pools created by the waves.

Petit Anse

At the opposite end of the island from the Washing Machine beach, Le Petit Anse is near Flamands and is also another spot for the most experienced.

Anse Toiny

This is a point break beach good for experienced surfers. It is in a southeastern spot of the island off the Pointe a Toiny and just north of Anse du Grand Fond.

There are many beaches to enjoy, and a visit to St. Barts has to include at least one day of beach hopping. Whether you do it with a board under your arm or just to watch the skilled surfers, you won’t soon forget the beauty of this sport enjoyed on this island. If you have questions about surfing on St. Barts, give your concierge a call to discuss your options.

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