Noted for being the Caribbean’s most elite and most luxurious island, St. Barts lives up to that “five star” reputation on every level – villa rentals, luxury vacations, beach houses, activities, and especially when it comes to food. Whether you head to a beachfront local eatery or an upscale establishment, the quality of the food on St. Barts is incomparable. Of course, throw in the scenery and the surrounding gardens or jungle growth, a sunset or early morning sky (you can eat out for breakfast too!) and you have a recipe for success.

Naturally, the French cuisine so popular on the island is also blended with an array of other traditions and flavors, ensuring that each St. Barts dining experience is as impressive and unforgettable as you might imagine. With more than 70 restaurants, though, it can get a bit overwhelming, and this is why we suggest the following ten (listed in no particular order) to provide you with many remarkable ad unforgettable meals:


Located on the heights above charming and picturesque Gustavia harbor, Bonito is equally famous for its sunsets as its food. Go for the ceviche and have no regrets, or go for a full meal and doom yourself to daydreams of the food in the weeks after you head home! They are also well known for their desserts, and this could be a great treat after a meal at a villa or a stroll through the town’s lovely streets.


The restaurant is a destination of its own as it is built around a 100-year-old tree. It is an “open air” restaurant in Salines and it is remarkably charming and inviting. Tucked into its tropical garden setting, it is important for its atmosphere but also its French-Caribbean dishes. The conch ravioli and handcrafted cocktails are must have items.


Another Gustavia treasure, its owner Eddy Stakelborough manages to greet all who arrive to dine on his specialty – the day’s freshest fish – in this hideaway location.

Santa Fe

Located at the top of Lurin, it is the highest restaurant on the island with unbelievable views at sunset – or any time. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the food is amazing. Lunch and dinner menus are available and the food is a blend of creole and French cuisines. Specialties include their lamb chops and their mahi mahi brochettes.

On the Rocks

In the Eden Rock Hotel, it gives unprecedented sea views of St. Jean Bay and has seating spread out over three decks. The menu is a near duplicate of the owner’s restaurant in New York City and focuses on a blend of Asian fusion meals that include shrimp in pumpkin puree and grilled lamb in a spicy chili sauce.

Nikki Beach

The beach club with its amazing menu that is packed with signature dishes makes for an unforgettable night on the…beach. It is a must, but so are reservations!

La Plage at Tom Beach

Tucked into the Tom Beach Hotel, this innovative restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and an unforgettable beachfront setting. Brunch is a great option and you can enjoy a spa inspired menu of Caribbean classics.

La Case de L’Isle

French fare with unbelievable views right along the waterfront, this spot serves lunch and dinner, with a very French flavor. They are famous for desserts, and you will never regret making the trip to have their pistachio raspberry panna cotta with a good cup of coffee.


Another Gustavia treat, this is a true fusion restaurant offering French and Japanese inspired meals. Reservations are an absolute must, and the Omakase is a great way to enjoy the most out of a visit.


This gem in Salines offers unique scenery with French fusion food that includes Provencal classics made by chef Jean-Claude Dufour. The chocolate tart is another reason to head here!

Our honorable mentions include Meat & Potatoes, Black Ginger, and L’Isola. Dine well!

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