St Barts Sunsets

The Best Locations to View Sunsets on St Barts.

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Whether you are the sort who loves sitting on the beach and gazing until the very last light is gone or you’re the type for sipping cocktails with a large group of revelers, there are many spots where you can enjoy a St. Barts sunset in comfort and peace.

Pointe Milou

As the name suggests, the center point of St Barts offers an outstanding vantage point for magnificent sunsets. The views incorporate the western end of St Barts in the forefront of the blazing skies vivid with yellows and oranges brushstrokes. Villas in Pointe Milou offer guests a striking balance between ocean, mountain and sunset views.


Without a doubt, the one spot where you will be certain to see a wonderful sunset whenever you are in the capital city of Gustavia is Shellona. This famous bar is popular with celebrities as well as visitors and locals, and it is an entirely casual place to sip a cocktail, enjoy a meal, and linger long after the sun has faded and the stars twinkle.

Of course, you don’t have to pay to enjoy a meal while watching the sunset in Gustavia because you can simply remain on Shell Beach.  The entire beach is paved with millions of seashells (hence its name), and it is a wonderful place to tote a picnic, pop cork, and enjoy a glorious and peaceful sunset.


Though this is a large quartier on the island of St. Barts, it is known that its high peaks tend to provide travelers and residents with some of the most impressive panoramas imaginable. While you can easily explore the roads to find a spot to enjoy a sunset, one of the most popular ways of doing so in great style is to book a table at the utterly charming Café Santa Fe. Set as it is on a very high peak overlooking the island, and offering some of the best French cuisine, it is a rare treat and one not to be missed.


Finally, the small and charming town of Corossol is a classic fishing village with roads that wind into the hills above it. From the beaches or the hills, travelers tend to agree that it is one of the most iconic and idyllic spots to enjoy the sunset. So, pack a picnic, or book a table at the one French café on the water, and enjoy!

Naturally, if you have a private villa on St Barts that has a southwestern exposure, it may be your bar or pool from which you enjoy spectacular sunsets, but don’t miss a chance to sample as many different perspectives as possible!


Located on the western end of St Barts, guests enjoy panoramic and unobstructed views of the sun setting into the Caribbean horizon. Make sure your villa is oriented towards a western or southern exposure.

Finding a St Barts Villa with Sunset Views
Our elite collection of luxury villas on St Barts includes several fabulous villas with breathaking sunset views. To find your St Barts villa with sunset view, you can search villas with the "Sunset Option" selected or contact our villa Gurus at the following link:

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