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Val D'Isere, France Guide
The Gourmand’s Experience in Val D’Isere
The Gourmand’s Experience in Val D’Isere

Best Gourmet Restaurants in Val D'Isere

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A common way of defining the word gastronomy is gourmet eating, but it is more than that. It also has to do with the art and appreciation of preparing and eating good food. While you may not think of a world-class skiing destination like Val D’Isere as a place for the gourmands of the world, you need to reconsider.

Restaurants and food in general are a major focal point in this region, and whether you are someone in search of perfect hot chocolate just off piste or a gourmet meal made of local produce, you are in the perfect place. With two Michelin starred restaurants in the area, and a long list of dining spots in the resort and on the mountain, it can also be described as a true “foodie’s” favorite too.

The Unique Gourmand Experiences

In addition to many fine restaurants, some of which we will list below, you will also want to book time for some of the following gastronomic experiences during a visit to Val D’Isere at any time of the year:

Cooking Class With Benoit Vidal at L' Atelier d'Edmond

A kitchen workshop with Benoit Vidal at L' Atelier d'Edmond is an amazing opportunity. This world-class chef offers a single cooking course every month (always on a Thursday) and they feature the cooking course along with a “degustation” in the bistro that adjoins the property. Chef Benoit is only one of nine chefs in France to win two Michelin stars, and a course under his tutelage is obviously a remarkable opportunity.

Pastries with Patrick Chevallot

Pastry making with Patrick Chevallot is also another remarkable experience open to visitors to Val D’Isere. Since the mid-1960s, Chevallot’s Maison Chevallot has been recognized as the location for the very best baked goods, breads, and chocolates in the region, and the opportunity to book a spot in the L’ Atelier de L’ Adroit is a rare opportunity.

Alain Lamaison at La Table De L’Ours

Dining at La Table De L’Ours is considered a “not to be missed” gastronomic experience. The chef, Alain Lamaison is another Michelin star holder and the cuisine he offers at the Hotel Les Barmes de L’Ours (as well as its two additional restaurants, Coin Savoyard and the Rotisseries) are extremely popular and favored.

Must Try Val D’Isere Restaurants

For the gourmet and non-gourmet alike, Val D’Isere has a fantastic array of dining options. Some of the best include the following Val D’Isere Restaurants:

La Fruitiere

La Fruitiere which is alongside the less expensive La Folie Douce, has long been noted as a remarkable dining experience. It emphasizes a Savoyard menu and the house specialties include many meat dishes, as well as pasta. Their Spag Bol is served in a glass jar and is one of the best dishes to sample whether for dinner or lunch.

Le Signal

Le Signal is at the top of the Le Fornet cable car and is decorated in a wildly colorful manner. The food here is traditional French that is accented with remarkably fresh ingredients. Many are stunned at the attentive and warm service provided by the entire staff, and it is best to book ahead.

La Peau de Vache

La Peau de Vache is considered to be one of the finest spots in the Trois Vallees, offering amazing service and food. It is half way down La Face and is best reached by the new Bellevarde Express.

Sur la Montagne

Sur La Montagne is within the resort on the main street and is one of the most popular with locals. Reservations are a must, and the menu is really unique, offering a Thai shrimp dish alongside traditional Savoyard steak options.

La Grande Ourse

La Grande Ourse sits above the nursery slope and was opened in 1936. It is considered one of the finest restaurants in the region, and offers an amazing duck foie gras as well as a popular grilled Dover sole.

There are many other spots to try in Val D’Isere, and you should know that food is a treat and emphasis of any experience in the region.




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