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Savor the Water Sports of Sardinia
Savor the Water Sports of Sardinia
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If you have just booked a villa rental in Sardinia, you are sure to enjoy a true luxury vacation. After all, this island is home to some amazing sightseeing, dining, shopping and beautiful landscapes. Your Sardinia vacation can also include a long list of water sports that allow you to do a bit of sightseeing from the waters too. After all, if you are staying in a luxury villa, it may offer you beach or cove access or a pool in a fantastic setting.

If you are more eager to get out on the actual waters surrounding the island, the following water sports are some of the most enjoyable and memorable.

Water Skiing

Many people feel they are not strong enough to master water skiing during a holiday, but Sardinia has some fantastic schools that provide you with several lessons and all of the gear needed to become adept at this sport. If you already know how, you may still want to work with a local school or group that offers all of the gear needed, as they can ensure you enjoy the best waters. The La Maddalena archipelago in the north is a very popular place for water skiing, as well as the waters near the isle of Carprera off the coast and north of Porto Cervo.

Stand Up Paddling

Surfing and SUP or Stand Up Paddling are both fun and popular options for those on a luxury vacation in Sardinia. For those who have never learned to surf, though, the SUP option is a lot more enjoyable. Using a paddle ensures you can better maintain balance, and the larger board makes it easier for even a complete novice to get on the water, ride the waves and spend time savoring the sea air rather than struggling to remain afloat.

The surf all around the island is considered good, but the western coastal area is known as the ideal spot for surfing and SUP enthusiasts. The Capo Mannu Point, halfway between Cagliari and Alghero on the western coast, is often ranked as one of the best. The Sinis Peninsula area nearby is also a good choice for surfers and SUP riders of all levels of skill.

Kite Surfing

One of the places in the world preferred by kite surfing enthusiasts is the Porto Pollo beach in the Palau area of Sardinia. Due to its amazingly consistent winds, it provides optimal, year-round conditions for this fun and exciting water sport. A northern point in Sardinia, this area has winds blowing parallel to the land, keeping you safe in the coves and bays and ensuring full days of fun.


As you might guess, windsurfing is also a major water sport in the northern areas, such as Sinis Peninsula and Palau, but you will find many avid windsurfers in the Santa Teresa Gallura area, and on the western side of the island near Chia as well as in the southern area around Cagliari, particularly il Poetto. There are many windsurfing schools in these areas as well, and some offer you an entire day of instruction and windsurfing experiences.


If you are more interested in savoring the scenery as you leisurely paddle along the waters off Sardinia, this is an ideal choice. There are several schools offering basic instruction and guided tours. One of the most popular and sheltered areas to enjoy a long day of paddling is the northern La Maddalena archipelago. There are also good conditions on the eastern side of the island near Golfo di Orosei. Also consider freshwater experiences on bodies of water like Lago Liscia or the Coghinas and Cedrino rivers as well.

Days away from your luxury villa don’t have to be about dining, shopping and sightseeing or tours. They can also be about taking in the sea air, scenery and joys of Sardinian water sports.



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