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The Finest Dining in St. Lucia
The Finest Dining in St. Lucia

Food is fantastic in St Lucia !

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Updated 22 June 2023

During your vacation in St. Lucia, whether it is in a villa rental or luxury vacation home, you may feel that you have all you need. After all, you might have options for booking a chef or cook to handle breakfast or most meals, and so you may feel you can skip any visits to the different restaurants on the island. This is a mistake because many of the finest restaurants in St. Lucia offer amazing food and unforgettable scenery. Whether you are in St. Lucia on a family getaway or to savor a luxury villa, we suggest you sample the food at some of the restaurants below.

Keep in mind that St. Lucia is unique for its amazing diversity in cuisines, though you will find a large amount of Creole and Caribbean dishes, and a huge array of local ingredients and exotic foods, you will also experience a fantastic range of fusion meals.


With stunning views of the Pitons, the small hotel known as Ladera features a fantastic restaurant and dining opportunity. Sit on the terraces and enjoy classic St. Lucia dishes crafted entirely of local ingredients. Their roasted conch in a yam basket is a signature dish, but their “catch of the day” salads are also famous with locals. It is a very popular spot, and you may want a lunch rather than a dinner because evenings are crowded and you don’t enjoy that amazing scenery as much after dark.

The Cliff at Cap

This is the Cap Maison restaurant that is set at the northern end of the island. It is an open-air gem that puts you at the top of a stunning sea cliff with views across the water to Martinique. However, it is the remarkably creative fusion of West Indian and French food that makes it a popular destination for locals and travelers alike. The bar’s array of fantastic rums is a fun part of the experience, and if you take a table at the wooden deck below the restaurant, your drinks will arrive via the fun zip-line heading down from the bar.

Rainforest Hideaway

You can only reach this spot by a boat out of Marigot Bay, and once you arrive, you dine outdoors on a wooden planked deck that sits out over the water. It is a fantastic experience, yet the food is also extremely popular. It is a Creole and European fusion that relies heavily on local seafood and unique blends of textures and flavors. Their shrimp and scallop risotto is one of their signature dishes. They also have live jazz most nights.

The Coal Pot

For over 40 years, this Vigie Marina restaurant has pleased travellers and locals alike. It uses a blackboard menu and features a fusion of Creole and Caribbean dishes, emphasising the local fish. Lunch is considered a great opportunity as it is quieter, though it can be busy with local business professionals. The décor is remarkably elegant and this is a setting that looks out over the water and typically requires more formal dress.

Fox Grove Inn

This is an often overlooked spot that is ideal for lunch or dinner when you are touring the eastern coast of St. Lucia. Many visitors to Mamiku Gardens stop here to savour the famous Mamiku Delight, a salad blending cheese, apples, sausage, onions, tomatoes and lettuce. It is a trademark dish that many enjoy as they look out over the palm and banana groves tucked right up against the property.

Other spots to consider are Big Chef Steakhouse in Rodney Bay Village, Martha’s Tables in Malgretoute, Boucan in the Rabot Estate, La Terrasse in Rodney Bay Village, Flavours of the Grill in Gros Islet, and Café Ole in Rodney Bay Marina.

Food is amazing in St. Lucia, and when paired with the scenery, it becomes unforgettable.

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