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One Day in St. Lucia
One Day in St. Lucia

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Updated 22 June 2023

If you have booked a luxury villa in St. Lucia, it is likely that you know the island’s nickname. If not, it is often called the “Helen of the West Indies” because of its rare, natural beauty. Though a villa rental in St. Lucia may include all you need to be relaxed, rejuvenated and restored, you cannot miss the many amazing things that this small island offers. From the food to the Pitons, you have to spend at least one day wandering this lovely, friendly and utterly charming locale. We suggest the following itinerary:

Morne Fortune

This is the northern part of the island (in the Castries area close to the capital). It was a fort built by the French and taken by the British in the late 1700s. It is part of the Saint Lucia National Trust, and you will want to visit for the views. You get to see the busy port and then you can opt to head to the historic old Governor House if you are interest in history. While in Castries, make a morning stop at the market and pick up some delicious fresh foods from the local farmers.

Marigot Bay

You may already be familiar with the delights of the bay, but now is the time to savour one of the nine restaurants (try one of the four along the waterfront for breakfast or a mid-morning snack) and take some time to poke around the amazing shops. While here, you may want to consider looking at the different activities they offer. There is diving, fishing, water sports, and even options for booking private boat tours and fishing charters. This could be the time to arrange for another day away from the villa, exploring St. Lucia’s beauty.

There are several hiking trails near Marigot too, and though they are quite challenging and may require a guide, this is also a time to consider whether you want to mount one of the Pitons. Remember too that the famous film Dr. Doolittle was filmed here, and so you might want to capture the harbour with a bit of photography.


This is the next large town on the island, and it is home to the Botanical Gardens and the Toraille Waterfall. This is the time to enjoy a dip in the cool pools at the base of the falls, and then explore the trails and impressive walks throughout the garden. Be sure to ask about the birds that fill this lovely sanctuary. While in town, find Ms. Theresa’s Bakery and see if you are not too late to nab one of their baguettes or sweet breads.

Sulphur Springs

After leaving Soufrière, you will be on your way to Sulphur Springs, known by many as the only drive-in volcano in the world. It is a seven-acre site that may be unsettling to some for its strong sulphurous odour. There are more than a dozen mud pools that are each a unique blend of minerals and natural compounds, so be sure you photograph the different hues and colours of them all.

The Pitons of St. Lucia

After you depart Sulphur Springs, you may want to take a driving tour around the Piton Mountains. Set at the south end of the island, they were considered a sacred place by the original inhabitants of St. Lucia. You can make arrangements to hike them, though this is a full day’s adventure. If this is on your must-do list, just reverse this itinerary, driving to the Pitons in the morning and enjoying a half-day hike.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to book a dinner reservation at one of the many excellent restaurants, or simply pick up some local ingredients and savour the tastes of the island in your luxury villa.

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