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Adventures in St. Lucia
Adventures in St. Lucia

Lots to see and do in exciting St Lucia !

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Updated 12 June 2023

Many visitors to St. Lucia plan a visit in order to savour the many gorgeous beaches. Whether interested in water sports or simply enjoying hours spent relaxing along the sands, the beaches are an amazing part of any holiday on the island. However, there is so much more to see and do beyond those beaches. After all, there are thousands of acres of authentic rainforest, there is a dormant volcano, the world famous Pitons and more. So, let’s take some time to discover a list of things to see and do apart from the beaches of St. Lucia.

The Rainforests

Birdwatchers, nature lovers, hikers and adventurers will all want to head into the 19,000 acres of rainforest found on the island. With tour guides offering canopy tours, zipline adventures and more, it is easy and fun to safely explore this amazing area of St. Lucia. Environmentally conscientious tour operators will help you enjoy the many beautiful and rare plants and birds without any disruption to the natural setting. If you would like to enjoy a mountain biking tour of this area or even a sky ride, you have plenty of options.

A Drive-In Volcano

The dormant Sulphur Springs volcano is located near Soufriere and provides you with a fascinating lesson in the geology of the entire Caribbean area. It is also a spot to enjoy the benefits of mineral mud and experience something entirely different than the usual tropical destination.

While in the Soufriere area, it is a great idea to pay a visit to the Tet Paul Nature Trail. This is a community operated trail with a 45 minute tour. It takes you through a working, organic farm to the highlight of the tour – a remarkable scenic overlook that encompasses the Pitons. It is also a very educational tour that introduces participants to the traditions of islanders and locals.

Diamond Falls is also on this part of the island and another must-see destination. Covering six acres; it is an award-winning site originally built in 1784 for the French troops of King Louis XVI and it includes a beautifully designed botanical garden full of the many different tropical plants that call the region home. At the end, a stunning waterfall and hot spring offers you a nice, anti-aging dip as well as a fantastic experience.

The Pitons

Rising more than 2,600 feet above the sea, Gros Piton is the most frequently hiked of the two. It is challenging but well worth the effort, and it is best to tackle it with the services of one of the local guides. You will want to get an early morning start and bring water, and most hikers can finish it within a two hour window of time. There are four official stopping points, so everyone can enjoy the climb and reach the top in great shape and ready to enjoy the unbelievable views.

If you are in fabulous shape, a guided tour of Mt. Gimie may be in order. At around 3,117 feet, it is the very highest peak on the island, and you can book guided tours that let you take in the amazing scenery and views.

If steep climbs are not for you, you can actually traverse from one side of the island to the other along the Descartier Trail Rainforest Walk. An easily managed 2.5 mile excursion, it is in the forests and introduces you to many native plants and birds. There is also the Union Nature Trail that loops you along a gravel path that leads into a lovely forested area noted for its birds and native plants and trees.

There is so much to see and do on St. Lucia, even if you don’t want to spend a minute at the beach.   We have villas and apartments of all sizes in St Lucia.  Get in touch with our villa expert today to reserve your accommodation for your next vacation under the tropical St Lucian sun!  

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