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The Pitons of St Lucia
The Pitons of St Lucia

The Pitons should be on your Bucket List !

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Updated 22 June 2023

As a traveler planning a visit to St. Lucia, you will have probably found an unprecedented number of photos of the “Pitons”. They are two volcanic “plugs” that are among the most photographed features of the island of St. Lucia. They are steep mountainous peaks connected by the Piton Mitan Ridge. The larger of the peaks is called the Gros Piton while the smaller is the Petit Piton.

They are famous for their natural beauty and appeal, but are also a popular destination for hikers and climbers. Though part of a UNESCO World Heritage site on the island, they are accessible and open to those who would like to explore their stunning beauty.

As a guest of Isle Blue, your “explorations” may be limited to views of them from your private pool or patio, but your concierge may also be able to help you plan more in-depth and up close experiences.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy guided hikes into the Pitons, including the peak of Gros Piton which stands at more than 2,500 ft and rates as the second highest on the island. Though higher than its neighbouring Petit Piton, Gros Piton is actually easier to tackle. It has a welcome centre that can tell you about the wildlife and the geology of the island, and you can then choose which guided tour, though the two-hour trip to the top is a hike that will give you unprecedented views of the island.

Petit Piton is a bit of a different story. It stands at just over 2,400 ft in height and sits in the middle region of Soufriere Bay and north of Gros Piton. It is far steeper, and you will find that it is more of a climb than a hike – meaning it may not be well-suited to all travellers. There is not a very well-marked trail on the mountain, and anyone venturing up the heights will want a local guide for safety and for the most functional climb. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely! Though a much smaller area to enjoy views, it is considered to offer better scenery and sights, including Piton Bay.

Anyone who pays a visit to the Pitons will need to begin their journey near the charming fishing villages of the Anse Le Raye region, and the town of Soufriere is a must see stop. It offers a botanical garden and public baths, both created by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. There are tours into the rainforests nearby, and you can visit the lovely Marigot Bay as well.

This town is actually a very popular spot for visitors to St. Lucia with its proximity to a working plantation, tours along historic carriage ways, and the nearby waterfalls. Diamond Waterfall is among the loveliest of them all, and it is close to the sulphur springs where you are able to take volcanic mud baths while surrounded by the lush tropical greenery. Speak to your concierge to discover how guests of Isle Blue villas can enjoy time in the Soufriere region, hikes or climbs into the beautiful Pitons, and tours of the rainforest, beaches and fishing villages.

Of course, another way to enjoy the Pitons is from the water. Sunset cruises depart from different areas along the bay, and you can book a private sunset sail or dinner cruise that lets you take in the impressive scale of the mountains along with the overall beauty of the setting.

Whether from land or sea, or from your private terrace or pool, there is little that can compare to the beauty of the Pitons of St. Lucia, and you may even want to consider a stay in a villa that is within sight of these majestic beauties.

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