A Visit to Nevis

Nevis : one of the most unspoilt and relaxing islands in the Caribbean

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Last updated : 20 July 2023

The island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is a well-kept secret of the Caribbean. Once a British colony, it is today an independent nation made of two small islands, with Nevis the smaller of the two. Picturesque, peaceful and idyllic, it is the perfect place to enjoy a holiday. As someone who has booked a stay at an Isle Blue villa on Nevis, you have made a wise choice. Natural beauty is all around, and there is actually much more to see and do than many realize.

Getting to Nevis

Most visitors arrive by air, though a private charter boat can also take you from Saint Kitts to Nevis. Your flight is likely to depart from a larger and more distant island than Saint Kitts, however, with the most common flights arriving from Puerto Rico. Once on the island, you can arrange for an Isle Blue driver to pick you up at the airport, or you can ask us to help you make a car rental arrangement. Keep in mind that driving is “British” style, on the left, and you will have to get used to this if you are used to “American” styled driving on the right.

Small and easy to negotiate, you will find it effortless to make your way to the different areas of Nevis. There are five parishes, and the capital is Charlestown. It is a small and charming city that features classic Georgian stone buildings that instantly alert you to the fact that this was once part of the British empire. Appealing in their architectural design, they are very different from the rest of the homes and buildings you will discover as you tour the island.

What to Do in Nevis

While many people will want to head to the beaches or begin exploring the island proper, it is a good idea to make solid plans for your dining experiences in Nevis. It is a place of diverse cultures and this has created many unusual culinary traditions. Additionally, many of the local establishments are less than savory in their appearance, but are actually quite respectable, clean, safe and offer delicious foods. If in doubt, ask someone! The people on the island are extremely friendly and happy to offer advice or recommendations for their personal favorites.

Freshness is the order of the day where food is concerned, and though you’ll experience everything from American and European dishes, most have heavy Caribbean influences too. “Nevisian” food is a huge part of the culture, and so too is the service. At hotels, you can expect typically quick and efficient service, but in the local establishments, a slower pace is part of the culture and experience.

Be sure to sample dishes and foods like “roti” (a special pancake dish), coconut jelly, goat water, tamarind and breadfruit. Seafood is also wonderful, and as many will tell you, it is nearly impossible to eat badly in Nevis.

Beyond the Amazing Food

In addition to dining, you will want to experience some of the remaining sites from previous centuries. Most date, surprisingly, from the 1600s to the 1700s, and include the Bath Hotel, where hot springs are still available; and the Hermitage Plantation, which was built in 1640 and is still standing. In fact, it is the oldest wooden structure still in use in the entire Caribbean region! There are some ruined properties worth visiting as well, including the sugar mills of Hamilton Estate, Coconut Walk, Lime Kiln, and New River.

While out, you will want to pay a visit to the Eva Wilkin Gallery, which is housed in the windmill that served as the artist’s home, and which is packed with lovely paintings and sketches that capture her lifetime on the island. Just south of the city of Charleston is a seven-acre garden open to the public and brimming with tropical specimens.

As you can see, though small, Nevis has huge character and many great offerings. If you wish to have some help booking a tour or making plans, don’t hesitate to contact your Isle Blue concierge, who is always glad to help.

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