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It is interesting for those planning a holiday on Mykonos to hear what others say about the island. After all, it is one of the most visited islands throughout the Aegean and is a popular spot for cruise ships. Though that can mean there are some times when it is crowded or busy, it does not mean that visitors should avoid certain areas of this small and readily accessible destination – especially Mykonos Town.

Picturesque and Perfect Mykonos

While those who need to get their shopping bug under control will find plenty of high-end and boutique names in town, there are also areas of truly scenic beauty. The harbor itself is full of the postcard-perfect boats bobbing along the waves and making their way into or out of the harbor throughout the day.

As an ideal starting point for a day tour of Mykonos Town, we suggest the charming little Agios Nikolaos, or the Church of St. Nikolaos. Set right along the waterfront in the harbor, it is tiny and charming and you will definitely want to take a step inside to experience its colorful interior and peaceful beauty.

Typically, visitors exiting the church also encounter the crowds that surround the “mascot” of the island, Petros the Pelican. He appeared in 1954 when found by a local fisherman after a particularly bad storm. The original Petros passed away and the locals missed him so much that they have made sure that there is always a “Petros” on hand. A note here – the pelicans of the harbor area tend to show up in the early afternoons, so you may want to time your tour to coincide with the birds’ usual arrival times.

As you make your way across the harbor, head into town towards the windmills you will see sitting on the hills above. When you do so, you are going to be in direct line with the Panagai Paraportiani. This site you will already know from the many postcards and portraits of the church in use on everything from websites to t-shirts. Dating to the 1400s, it is the most photographed church and is actually five in one. It is a working church, so be quiet and respectful when you visit.

Once you exit the church, continue heading in the direction of the windmills and you will enter a fairy-tale like setting of narrow alleys and those iconic images of Greek harbor towns you have always dreamed of seeing in person. This is Little Venice and is the best part of the town according to many visitors, and because there are no cars allowed, it is a pedestrian’s dream.

Medieval little houses sit along the water’s edge and cobblestone alleys lead to shops and cafes, white washed buildings reflect light into even darker corners and the shade of tress and overhanging plants offers shade when needed.

As you exit the maze of Little Venice you will be at the foot of the hill where the windmills are found. Make your way up to these 1700s gems, and enjoy the finest views of the harbor and town.

As you make your way back down, you can stop for any number of snacks, drinks or even a meal, but keep in mind that Little Venice is noted for its amazing sunsets. You may want to remain on the hills or take in the views from the iconic Katerina’s Bar. Agios Stefanos Beach is also a wonderful place to savor the sunset with a bottle of wine or a picnic from one of the cafes.

A day spent walking Mykonos Town is one you will never forget and a good reason to leave the comfort and luxury of a villa for one day.



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