Summer in Meribel

Summer activities in Meribel

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The Les Trois Vallees area of France is packed with plenty of activities, but most vacationers think of it as a winter season destination. After all, with some of the finest skiing in the world, it makes sense to think of it as a seasonal spot. Yet, there are is almost the same number of activities and events to enjoy in the area year round, and especially in Méribel.

Let’s consider some of the wonderful things to see and do during a summer holiday in the French Alps destination of Méribel.

Things to Do in the Summer


Cycling is a major three-season activity in Méribel. Riding a bike in the Alps can mean road trips as well as mountain biking, and it is typically a bit more demanding than average cycling. There are actually segments of the world-famous Tour de France that run through the mountains, but you can also find gentler rides that last several hours, take you through gorgeous Alpine scenery and give you just the right level of workout. Of course, there is also the popular bike park in Méribel itself, and it features a range of trails that include trips down some of the pistes.


 Fishing is another hot activity in Méribel. Fishing throughout the Alps is a very popular activity, and especially in Tueda Lake. With an enormous number of rainbow trout, even beginners often get lucky. Be aware that you will need a proper permit and that Tueda Lake is divided in half between no-kill fly fishing areas and traditional fishing spots.

Hiking & Walking

 Hiking and walking are also wildly popular in Méribel, particularly because there are many ways to do glacier walking here. The Trois Vallees area has many different glaciers, and they can be a bit tricky, so you may want to book with one of the local guides who can be sure you enjoy an unforgettable, safe and scenic experience. For the more adventurous, mountaineering treks with local guides are also a wonderful option during the summer season.


Golfing is another popular activity in Méribel due to the fact that it has an 18-hole course at the bottom of Dent de Burgin. With a putting green, practice range, and buggy hire, it is a gorgeous spot to play through.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a very common activity during the non-skiing season in Méribel and with many trails, it is perfect even for beginners. The Bois d’Arbin riding center offers beginner sessions and even group lessons.

Nature Parks 

Nature parks and reserves are nearby, but the closes are the lovely Nature Reserve of Plan de Tueda. Established only in 1990 it includes Tueda Lake, the Gebroulaz glacier, the Doron stream, and the refuge Le Sauté. It also has a botanical trail and is home to one of the threatened bird species of Frane, the black grouse.

Hot air balloons & Scenic flights

Hot air balloons and scenic flights are amazing during the summer months. There is the Aero Club in Méribel that allows travelers to enjoy tourist flights and even take control of the plane for an initial flying lesson. There are several helicopter tour firms offering good weather flights over the area, and hot air balloon rides are one of the most frequently requested summer activities.

Adventure Park

The Adventure Park is a fantastic summer destination for families as it offers you the ideal setting to enjoy nature. Your admission includes gear and initial training to take you through an array of outdoor courses and tracks that feature ropes, tunnels, trees, swings and more!

As you can see, the summers in Méribel are busy and full of outdoor adventures. There are also the many great shops, restaurants, and spa treatments that winter vacationers look forward to as well!




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