Exploring the BVIs

Island hopping adventures in the British Virgin Islands

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Updated 3 July 2023

Did you know that the BVIs (British Virgin Islands) have more than 50 islands in total? Many of them are tiny and uninhabited, leaving them open for exploration, picnicking and pure, tropical enjoyment.

Of course, this leaves you with a great deal of terrain to explore, if that is of interest to you. However, you can also experience more than days of sailing when you book a stay in an Isle Blue villa. With inland and waterfront properties, you can spend your days trekking spots like Gorda Peak, exploring the famous “Baths”, different caves, and even doing day hikes on other islands. You can surf, dive, and snorkel in the flawless and safe waters or enjoy some free time sampling the local foods and beverages, shops and boutiques.

Naturally, anyone considering some exploration of the BVIs has to base their choices on their location. You have several factors to consider. The first is which type of island appeals to you? Flat, coral islands like Anegada or tall, volcanic islands like Tortola or Virgin Gorda?

The next choice is which of the main islands you wish to visit and stay. Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, and Virgin Gorda are home to the largest array of amenities and accommodations.

To reach the BVIs, guests would need to fly directly into Tortola or more commonly fly into St Thomas then take an easy ferry ride to your desired island.

After arrival, your “top things to do in the BVIs” will usually begin with “sailing”, especially because this is the sailing heart of the entire region. You can book day sailing adventures and even lengthier tours of the entire island chain – most depart from Tortola and make their way to Virgin Gorda and Peter Island.

Scuba diving is also another main activity and means of exploring the BVIs beneath the waves. Famous for a few explorable shipwrecks, you may want to speak with your Isle Blue concierge to choose a scuba or diving firm that can provide the best experience.

If you will get your fill of the sea from your waterfront villa or with trips to the best beaches, you will certainly want to do some trekking. Virgin Gorda is one island offering some of the best and safest treks, and because of its geographic diversity it is the perfect spot to plan a few hikes. You can head to the stunning beauty of The Baths, the seaside boulders that create an almost maze-like experience of caves and pools. Set at the south of the island, they put you at a scenic distance from the volcanic hills to the north.

Gorda Peak is more than 1,300 feet and gives you a 360-degree view of the entire island chain. You can also take a day trip to nearby Peter Island, enjoying a sunrise sail or cruise and a day of hiking before heading back at dusk to take in the flawless sunset!

We did mention beaches, and most visitors agree that the finest and safest of all beaches are found on Tortola and the western side of Virgin Gorda. Typically uncrowded, you may feel as if you own your own private beachfront. Of course, there are not many tourist services at the beaches, and you will need to bring a picnic to ensure you have ample food and water.

Whether you explore the BVIs from the comfort and luxury of your private pool or terrace, the deck of a ship, along a trail on an uninhabited island, or anywhere else, you will find natural beauty, tranquility and a level of peace rare to other regions of the Caribbean.

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