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Take Unforgettable Photos in Antigua
Take Unforgettable Photos in Antigua

Photo opportunities in Antigua

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Updated : 25 July 2023

Do you see other people’s photos of their travels and yearn to take the same kinds of stunning shots? It is not as difficult as it might seem, and if you are preparing for a visit to Antigua, you will want to use some of our suggestions to ensure you have boast-worthy images to show friends or family when you return home.

Make a List

There are a few locations that you must visit just to take in the scenery. Shirley’s Heights, for instance, is historic and wildly scenic. You get a full perspective of English Harbour from the top and no matter what time of day, it is an amazing sight. So, it has to be on your list.

What are the other “must see” spots? We would suggest:

Betty’s Hope

Carpenter’s Rock Trail

Devil’s Bridge and the east coast

Exchange Bay

Jabberwock Beach

Jolly Beach

Jones Valley Trail

Long Bay Beach

Mar Caribe

Nelson’s Dockyard

The old sugar factory

Potworks Reservoir

St. John’s Cathedral and the neighbourhood around it

St. John’s Fish Market and harbour

Tranquility Bay at sunset

Wyland Wall

We make these recommendations to demonstrate that Antigua, though relatively small, is a photogenic spot and you may want to do what so many others have opted to do – take a photographic “walk”.

Take a Walk

As a prime example of this, St. John’s Cathedral is a gorgeous building, but it is not so photogenic at all hours of the day. This can mean that planning to walk the area around the cathedral for a few hours, returning to it as the light changes and also getting street shots at the same time, may yield the very best results.

The same can be said of almost any of the destinations we listed above, but let’s just focus on St. John’s Cathedral for this point. You can walk around the entire perimeter and take note of the different angles available. You will find truly remarkable side-streets with colourful buildings, appealing walls and alleys and lots of colourful signs. Spend two to three hours doing this path and you may capture astonishing colours, shadows and views. Go on a Saturday and you can include the remarkable morning market in your photo session!

Look Closely

Even if you decide that a day of walking around a single beach, neighbourhood, site or trail is not for you, consider giving one area a much closer look, such as your villa or accommodation, for instance.

So often, we sit down on a terrace or verandah and gaze out at the view, but we neglect to capture it with the camera. While sitting in one of your favourite places, why not compose a photograph that will transport you back to your treasured holiday location? Even better, make it smaller and truly personal.

The shadow of the palms on the terrace, the ropes of the hammock, the colourful cushions on the sun bed, the gorgeous potted plants that line the terrace…though they are not “iconic” holiday shots, they will be meaningful to you and typically something only available to those who stay in villas or similar locations.

Those with You

If you are traveling with family and friends, be sure that they too are your subjects. Antigua is said to have hundreds of beaches, and if the focus of your holiday is visiting as many as you can, or just finding the best, be sure you are capturing the beauty and scale of the beaches by getting fellow travellers in the frame! Nothing shows the stunning beauty of a beach scene than a lone walker making their way through the surf or a set of footprints with those who made them in the distance!

Try to find inspiration in the many photogenic spots all over Antigua and remember to make them your own by using different angles, lighting and framing in order to create truly unforgettable photos.

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