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A Luxurious One-Day Itinerary in Antigua
A Luxurious One-Day Itinerary in Antigua

A great day out exploring Antigua !

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Updated 25 July 2023

We understand the struggle – you have booked a holiday in a luxury villa in Antigua, and you know it is going to be challenging to pull yourself away from the supreme comfort, peace, privacy and amenities you can enjoy round the clock. However, you are also in Antigua! The island of 365 beaches, flawless wind and kite surfing conditions, a world-class sailing and snorkeling destination, and a truly verdant island with fascinating history, delicious foods, and adventures awaiting.

What to do? We are going to provide some tips for a one-day itinerary that lets you get a taste of the island. You can opt to extend specific parts of the itinerary into longer experiences, or even half-day excursions, allowing yourself to do bits at a time and still enjoy many hours by your pool, at your private beach, or just lounging in the hammock or lounger with that book you’ve been dying to read.

Getting Started

Antigua is roughly 14 miles long and around 11 miles wide, that makes it fairly accessible. The trade winds keep things cool, so no matter what time of year, you can do almost any physical activity comfortably. We suggest you pack your camera (and maybe even a spare memory card) and head out for the following spots:

Nelson’s Dockyard

A national park, and also a fully functional dockyard where gorgeous yachts and smaller ships anchor, it is a fully restored site. Dating to the 1700s, it features many structures from that era and gives you a wonderful perspective on the island, and its history. It is also a great spot for a bit of shopping and even a good place to linger over coffee and pastry at one of the nearby cafes. Many point towards Seabreeze, a local favourite at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina as it does excellent breakfasts.

Must See Detail | Nelson's Dockyard | Antigua

Shirley’s Heights

Next on the list has to be the southernmost tip of the island. The famous “Lookout” is actually what remains of an old military complex and it is going to provide you with show-stopping views of the English Harbour area. If you haven’t had a bite yet, there is a restaurant here with great lunches and local favourites.

Shirley Heights Lookout – Visit Antigua & Barbuda

Next, it is time to hit the road a bit and make your way towards “Old Road” and “Fig Tree Drive”.

Fig Tree Drive

This five-mile long stretch of Old Road will be a drive you won’t ever forget. After all, how often can you say you went through authentic rainforest, saw enormous old growth bananas and mangos and finished up by purchasing some local fruits or jams from locals at the end of it?

You can then head to All Saints Village for a treat at Tastee’s Ice Cream and make your way to a remarkable historic site.

Activities, excrusions, things to do - sight seeing in Antigua

Betty’s Hope

History lovers will definitely want to pay a visit to the remains of the first sugar plantation on the island. It is known as Betty’s Hope and it has just two of its original stone sugar mills remaining, as well as part of the stillhouse. Today, it is not yet renovated, but the government is working on making it an open air museum.

Visit Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation in Saint Philip | Expedia

After this stop, you can head to the shore near Indian Town Point where the stunning Devil’s Bridge natural arch is located. If it is evening and you are ready for a meal, Harmony Hall in Brown’s Bay is nearby as well.

Though you will have covered roughly three-quarters of the island in this drive, it will allow you to do remarkable sightseeing, sample some local treats and see a range of natural and historic spots.

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