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British Virgin Islands (BVIs) Guide
Reasons to Book Your Next Holiday in the BVIs
Reasons to Book Your Next Holiday in the BVIs

The BVIs should be on your Bucket List !

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Updated 3 July 2023

The BVI or the British Virgin Islands rank as one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a holiday, and yet this collection of more than 50 stunning islands remains a bit of a travel secret. Though many famous names are associated with them, such as billionaire Sir Richard Branson (who actually owns one of the islands) and celebrities who often holiday there, they remain a low-key, peaceful and relaxed destination.

While all of that information on its own makes it a good idea to consider the BVI for your next holiday, there are quite a few more to consider. Let’s explore just a few of them:

The Ratings

It is entirely honest to say that the BVIs consistently rate as a premier destination in some of the world’s leading travel publications. Most of the luxury travel writers have cited them as a must see location, and because they cannot be reached directly by air from the North American mainland or the UK, they maintain a very exclusive destination.

The Beaches

If you close your eyes and envision a picture perfect beach, it is very likely that you would find its twin somewhere in the BVIs. Noted for the many white sand beaches backed by picturesque palms, it is also home to many hidden coves, private or secluded little bays and secret spots to soak up the sun, take a dip and wonder at the views.

The Baths

No, the island is not home to mineral springs, but The Baths are just as appealing. These are an astonishing collection of boulders on Virgin Gorda. Part of a national park, they are actually a reason that many travellers head to the BVIs with camera in tow. They are leftover from volcanic lava deposited along the shore more than 70 million years earlier, and they are perfect for swimming, snorkeling and exploring.

The Painkillers

We do not mean that the aspirin here is more potent. No, it is the BVI’s signature cocktail that makes it an excellent destination to choose. They were invented in the 1970s and are a blend of fruit juices such as pineapple and orange along with rum and cream of coconut liqueurs. Though every restaurant or bar may create their own take on it, it is certainly an unforgettable part of any visit.

Jost Van Dyke

Home to White Bay Beach, it is also the location where three of the most famous bars in all of the BVIs are found. Whether you want the party scene at the bars or the natural beauty scene out on the beach, this destination is a popular and visit-worthy one.

The Eco Friendliness

Because of the location and the fact that there are so many islands (inhabited or not), the BVIs are very eco-friendly and green in many ways. You’ll notice this even as you walk through the developed towns, where smog, pollution or even trash are non-existent.

The History

Really, we should say the pirate history because all of the BVIs have stories of pirates attached to them. Even Robert Louis Stevenson added to this when he used Norman Island as his model for Treasure Island. Though many hidden treasures have been found in the BVIs, there are still a few historical pirates’ treasures thought to be remaining. Perhaps treasure hunting is a good reason for your next visit!

The Water Sports

There is really something for everyone, whether a fan of sailing, windsurfing, snorkeling or anything else involving the water, it is possible here. The year round excellent weather, favorable winds and clear seas make it a true paradise for fans of beach activities.

We did not even mention the amazing food, the luxurious yachts, the individual islands and the many other things that make the BVIs a perfect choice for your next holiday.

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