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Antigua is a Kitesurfing Paradise
Antigua is a Kitesurfing Paradise

Kitesurfing in the Caribbean

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Updated 25 July 2023

Though only 11 miles by 14 miles in total size, the Caribbean island of Antigua is a major water sports destination. Full of luxurious resorts and private villas, it also has the ideal conditions for kitesurfing and windsurfing. In fact, it is one of the top destinations for these two activities, and as a guest of Isle Blue, you can turn to our concierge team for help making your kitesurfing dreams come true.

If you were to look at a chart of kitesurfing conditions throughout the year, it would show only good to perfect ratings each month in Antigua. This is because of the trade winds that give the island a steady breeze from November through July, but also provide enough wind to make it a great place for beginners to advanced kite surfers year round.

Where to Kitesurf

The good news is that almost all of the beaches of the island offer you a good place to learn or master your skills. The top spots we recommend to Isle Blue guests are:

Jabberwock Bay – A national park along the northern coast of Antigua, it is popular with all levels of kitesurfing enthusiasts. Sandy and shallow waters drop to deeper depths and it is a spot popular with those who just enjoy watching people out on the waves. Plenty of services are here, and you can dine and relax along the beachfront. “Kitesurf Antigua”, the kitesurfing school, operates from this beach and is a perfect way to enjoy a day of family or individual fun and excitement.

Nonsuch Bay – Accessed through the Green Island Nonsuch Bay resort, it is the perfect spot to enjoy ongoing winds and safe conditions. Behind a barrier reef it is a dream spot for kitesurfing, and there are instructors available through the resort as well. The “40Knots” kitesurfing school is found here as well, and if you are not quite ready for the speed and thrill, you can also take some standup paddling lessons too!

Dutchman’s Bay – This is a hotspot for windsurfing and you can learn how to enjoy this early version of kitesurfing from “Windsurf Antigua”, a school operating out of the area. They also equip you if you do not have any gear.

Beyond Kitesurfing

Because the island is such an ideal spot for these activities, it means it is a dream for almost all water sports too. Snorkeling, diving with rays, scuba diving, and beach going are all premium experiences here. The other appealing beaches offering opportunities for water sports are St. John’s, Jolly Harbour, English Harbour and Dickenson Bay.

Many of the beaches offer schools and equippers who can help travellers make the most of time on the beach. Some of the most popular beaches have full facilities and excellent dining. Even if you are not brave enough to attempt the high-speed sport of kitesurfing just yet, you can watch some true experts at work and begin to understand how much fun this water sport can be.

While you are at the shore, don’t forget to make a point of heading to the Devil’s Bridge area. This reef took millions of years to form and is one of the few natural limestone arches of such scale and beauty. If you arrive when the blowholes are accessible, you will enjoy it, but watch kids as the water is powerful.

The sea is a constant presence while visiting Antigua, and kitesurfing adventures are some of the safest and most enjoyable here than anywhere else in the Caribbean. If you wish to experience the thrill of this activity, get in touch with our concierge team, we can help you book lessons and become a kitesurfing wonder before you head home!

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Kitesurfing at Nonsuch Bay, Antigua

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